Leah's Escape {11}

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Hey guys I was feeling the love so I decided to write this chapter right away and upload! Im in a little bit of a brain fart with this story and Too Many Secrets soo idk when the next upload will be! sry hopefully the chapters r long enough!


hopefully this chapter confuses u more and has a cliffhanger at the end! haha but you all know I love you right?

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Chapter Eleven

            Tricia was handcuffed to the wall yet again. This time though, Leah and her mother were upstairs whispering comments back and forth. Luke sat in a chair across from Tricia. He had earned the spot of watching her and making sure she doesn't escape. "So you Leah's brother?" Tricia finally asked, tasting the blood on her lip.

            Luke flinched and sadly nodded his head.

            "Why are you doing this?" Tricia questioned, "You don't look like a mean person! I doubt you're crazy like she is. So what is your part in all of this? Why would you bail her out of jail? Why put me and my family's life in danger again? We don't even know you!"

            Luke took in a deep breath and looked away. Tricia was afraid that she wouldn't get a single answer out of him. That was until he moved his chair slightly so that it was closer to Tricia. "Listen, Tricia, right?" Luke asked. Tricia nodded quickly. "You're probably a smart girl," Luke continued, "So really think about this situation. You knew Leah as a little girl right? Has she ever shown this kind of behavior?"

            "No," Tricia answered, "But that's because she went crazy."

            Luke winced. "Alright," He sighed, "Let me take this from a different perspective. Have you ever seen Leah around our father?"

            Tricia thought of the time Marie Collins had opened the door and Mr. Coburn was standing there. "Uh yeah," Tricia nodded.

            "And you didn't see the way Leah was acting around him?" Luke pressed.

            Tricia thought back to it. "Yeah," She nodded, "Leah was like a totally different person. She was clumsy and nervous whenever she was around him.

            "And we can't put two and two together?" Luke asked.

            Tricia opened her mouth to respond. Before she could though, Leah had appeared on the stairs. "LUKE!" She snapped. Both Tricia and Luke's head snapped towards Leah. "That's enough," Leah insisted, "She doesn't need to know anymore."

            "Leah she thinks you're crazy," Luke growled.

            Leah looked up at the ceiling thoughtfully. "Aren't we all a little crazy?" Leah answered. Tricia gave Luke a pointed look and he just shrugged as an answer. Leah walked down the rest of the stairs and stared between Luke and Tricia. "I'll take watch now," Leah snapped, "Go talk with mother."

            Luke nodded numbly before getting out of his chair and jogging up the stairs. Leah gave Tricia a pleasant smile before sitting in Luke's vacant chair. "So how's it been going Tricy?" Leah asked.

            "Don't talk to me," Tricia spat. A hurt look passed Leah's face before she quickly masked it.

            "Watch your tone," Leah answered. Her hard face softened a little as if she were having conflicted emotions. "I just want to talk with you," She shrugged.

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