Leah's Escape {5}

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Hey Guys, so this is kind of a fill in chapter! Sry if it sucks but if you keep pestering me about the next chapter then I'll upload quickly:D thanks!

keep writing!


Chapter Five

            Alex sat at the counter and continued to eat the awful sandwich he had made himself. It was gross, but Alex didn't know what else to eat, so he continued to shove it down his throat. "Alex," Tricia sighed, coming into the kitchen.

            "What do you want?" Alex growled.

            "I really think we should tell Lewis," Tricia said nervously, playing with the hem of her shirt.

            "And have Leah come after us again?" Alex scoffed, "Yeah right."

            "This is serious," Tricia muttered walking around the counter and standing in front of Alex. He just shrugged and continued eating his sandwich. "Ugh I can't believe you!" Tricia shouted, "I really am calling Lewis!"

            Tricia stalked over to the phone and Alex quickly stood up and tackled her. "ALEX!" She shouted, "Get. Off. Of. Me!" Alex wrestled her for the phone, and finally one because he was bigger and stronger then she was.

            "No," Alex snapped, "Remember last time? You told Mom and Leah took you away from us. That's not going to happen again! You hear me?"

            Tricia looked into her older brother's eyes and saw the pain and distress that was in them. With a sigh Tricia stopped tensing her muscles and relaxed. "You're right," She grumbled.

            "Thank you," Alex nodded, getting off of her and holding the phone to his chest. He breathed a sigh of relief. "Turn on the news," He ordered.

            "Why?" Tricia asked, sitting up.

            "Let's see if there is any more news on Leah," Alex shrugged. Tricia nodded quickly. She got up and ran to the TV. Alex was right; the world was bussing about Leah's escape from the clutches of prison. Tricia and Alex sat on the couch, leaning forward and watching intently.

            "Where did she go?" Tricia asked in a quiet voice

            "How am I supposed to know," Alex snapped, keeping his eyes glued to the TV.

            "Alex! What if she's coming after us?" Tricia cried, putting her hand on her forehead, "What's going on?"

            "Trich, you keep asking me these questions, but I don't know the answers to them," Alex sighed. The door rattled and then finally slammed open. Tricia and Alex quickly jumped off the couch and hugged each other tightly.

            "What's going on in here?" Marie asked, "You two look like you just saw a ghost."

            "Nothing," Alex snapped his eyes wide. Tricia quickly picked up on what Alex was trying to do so she grabbed the remote and turned the TV off. Marie looked at both of them with one of her eye browns raised. Her eyes were red as if she were crying.

            "You alright Ma?" Tricia asked, walking around the couch so she could reach Marie. Tricia hugged her Mom tightly, and breathed in her warm scent.

            "Yeah, I'm fine," She nodded, "Just a little upset."

            "Lewis will be fine," Alex chimed.

            "I know," Marie muttered.

            Alex left out the part where there was a chance Leah might go after Lewis, because he didn't want to upset Marie anymore then she already was. He gave a small smile to cover up his unsettlement. Marie pulled away from Tricia and made her way upstairs to her room.

            Alex and Tricia looked at each other and then both let out a sigh together. Alex grabbed the remote and turned the TV back on so they could tune in to what was going on with Leah. No one has been able to find her. This got the two Collins kids really nervous. "Lewis will see this soon enough," Tricia reminded him.

            "Well he's not going to find out through us," Alex nodded, "Now I need some time to be alone. Alright?"

            Tricia pulled her eyebrows together and just shrugged at Alex. He quickly nodded his head before jogging up the stairs. He entered the room he shared with Lewis, and looked at the empty space along Lewis's side of the room.

            All of his stuff was gone and suddenly the room felt emptier now that Lewis wasn't there to fill the space. Alex ran a hand over his face and through his hair before sitting on his bed. A million thoughts ran through his head as he thought about it. Who would let Leah out of jail? What was Leah going to do now? Was Lewis safe in California? These weren't even the worst questions because Tricia ran upstairs screaming Alex's name.

            "God! WHAT?" He yelled, looking up at her. Tricia ran into his room, breathless and holding her phone in her hand. "What Tricia?" Alex snapped, "I said I needed some time alone."

            "Look...at...the...text...I just got," She panted, holding out her phone to Alex. Alex quickly snapped it from her grip, and stared down at it.

            "Well crap," Alex muttered as he read, I'm back bitch xoxo Leahh

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