Leah's Escape {7}

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Chapter Seven

            Alex stared down at his sister's phone, as Tricia curled herself onto Alex's bed. "Oh my God, oh my God," Tricia chanted over and over again, pulling her knees close to her chest and rocking back and forth slightly.

            "Tricia, would you just shut up?" Alex snapped, "I'm trying to think!"

            "Sorry," Tricia whimpered. There was a silence between them as Alex continued to stare at the phone. "Alex," She sighed. Alex still continued to look at the phone. "Alex!" Tricia snapped, and her brother's head jerked upwards. "The more you stare at it," Tricia told him, "Doesn't avoid the fact that it's still there and she's coming after us!"

            "This doesn't mean anything," Alex argued.

            Tricia stared at him in disbelief. "Are you kidding me??" She yelled, "She's coming after us Alex, and you just want to sit here and do nothing? What's wrong with you?"

            "Thinking," Alex shrugged.

            "This is serious, Alex," She told him, shoving his shoulder slightly.

            "Whatever," He muttered, handing her back her phone. Tricia grabbed it roughly from her brother's hands before storming out of his room. She didn't know what to do. She didn't want a repeat of last time, and she didn't know how to handle things.

            Tricia paced downstairs for a little, clutching the phone tightly in her hand and running her free hand through her hair over and over again. Suddenly Tricia got the ambition to do something. She slid onto the computer seat and started a Google search. It took her forever, but Tricia found what- or who- she was looking for.

            "What're you doing?" Alex asked.

            Tricia's eyes widened and she quickly exited out of everything she had on the computer. "Nothing." She snapped.

            Alex looked at his younger sister with a raised eyebrow. "What?" Tricia asked innocently.

            "What're you doing?" Alex repeated.

            "Nothing," Tricia shrugged, "Now leave me alone." Alex stared at his sister for a second before shrugging and walking into the kitchen. Tricia quickly recovered all the documents she had up on the computer, and scribbled them down on a notepad of paper.

            She included the address, the bus times, the bus fair, and the bus strops. Tricia quickly shoved the piece of paper into her jean pockets and stood up. "Alex, I'm leaving," She called.

            "Whatever," Alex grumbled, his mouth full of food. One would think that after all the Collins kids had gone through, they'd be closer. And they were at a certain point. When Alex didn't like something or something wasn't going his way, Alex would just shut down all together.

            Tricia sighed loudly and walked out of the house. She had forgotten to grab a jacket, so she crossed her arms over her chest to warm herself. Tricia walked swiftly and quickly to the closest bus stop. She held herself tightly, her teeth chattering in the cold. The cold, crisp weather that was brought on so suddenly made Tricia curious what was going on, but she didn't focus on it for too long.

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