Leah's Escape {12}

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Hey guys! Just like Too Many Secrets I'm having a rough time trying to figure out what im going to do with these stories! like i hav an idea its jst hard for me to sit down and try to write! so please try to be patient bc i love you all and dont want to disappoint! Let me know wat you think please??

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Chapter Twelve

            Tricia shivered involuntary. She pulled away and stared at the phone and then at Leah. Leah just shrugged her shoulders before quickly looking away. "Okay," Tricia muttered, "Now I remember you. What do you want?"

            "Don't be so rude," Greg chuckled.

            "I'm sorry," Tricia sighed, "Now could you please tell me what's going on?"

            "We're having a little family feud," Greg confessed, "I'm sure you met my not-really-son, Luke." Tricia carefully, out of the corner of her eye, looked at Luke.

            "Yes," Tricia whispered into the phone. She looked up to see if she was listening and noticed right away that Leah had zoned out.

            "Well, I'm not too happy with that at the moment about that," Greg chuckled.

            "And what does this have to do with me?" Tricia asked.

            "You know what, I say we talk about this in person," Greg thoughtfully said. "How about you get your brother and I'll have Leah tell you where to meet him."

            "And what if I don't do this?" Tricia asked.

            "We have your other brother," Greg laughed like a child, "Duh."

            Tricia bit her lip and debated whether or not she should trust Greg Coburn. Aside from the fact he beat Leah there really was no reason to not trust him. After all Leah was beating Tricia now a days so why shouldn't she go meet the father that scared Leah to death. Tricia smiled evilly. "Of course I'll come meet you."

            "With your brother."

            "Yes," I sighed, "With my brother."

            "Good," Greg answered, "Now put Leah on the phone." Tricia quickly nodded towards Leah and Leah hesitantly put the phone against her ear, murmuring words into the end piece. Every so often she would look over at Tina and her brother and then murmur something else.

            "What's going on?" Tricia whispered to Luke.

            Leah had hear her though and shot her a warning look. Luke just shrugged his shoulders and then shook his head. Tricia relaxed slightly, but her mind was constantly working on a way to get out of this place. She didn't really think about it, it was just kind of a reaction.

            Tricia noticed Leah had hung up the phone and was pacing around the basement. "What did he want this time?" Tina whispered.

            Leah's head snapped up and she glared at Tina. "Nothing," Leah snapped. Tina stumbled back slightly and hung her head. Tricia narrowed her eyes at the scene and stored it somewhere in the back of her brain. Something was not right here. Leah came towards her and readjusted the ties around her wrists. The Leah pulled her to her feet. "Don't try anything," She warned into Tricia's ear, making Tricia shiver.

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