Leah's Escape {16}

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     Alright guys, you probably all hate me right now but for now this is the last chapter of Leah's Escape. Im not sure whether or not I'll continue but i know I wnt any time too soon! I have a problem where Im writing and uploading 2 wattpad at the same time! this is the first time I've ever done it and as you can tell it was a FAIL! ahahahha so if you like this story Thanks so much for reading! if not then im rele sorry that i ruined Leah's Secret for you!

    maybe in the future i'll change it up a bit but right  now im hating this story and if i continue by the end Lewis, Alex, and Tricia will all b dead. ahhahah so let me kno wat you think! at least its an early upload right? ahahha

Thanks for sticking aroun! love you all!


Chapter Sixteen

            The Collins kids stared in horror. Lying in front of them were the bodies of Tina Anderson Coburn and Luke Anderson. Not to mention that Stephanie's body was lying in the corner. Then the three kid's eyes widened even more when Greg and Leah high-fived. "Lewis," Tricia whimpered, "I want to go home. Please?"

            "I'm trying," Lewis whispered, hugging Tricia close to his side. Tricia had tears streaming down her face. Lewis turned his head to Alex and saw his brother as pale as a ghost. Lewis started to step backwards and his younger siblings quickly followed his lead.

            "Hey!" Leah chirped. She awkwardly skipped over to the three of them.

            "Let us go home," Lewis ordered.

            Leah cocked her head to the side. "Um, why would I do that? We can finally be together now!" She reached her hand out and everyone just flinched away. Leah frowned and shoved her hand forward again.

            "We won't go anywhere with you," Tricia screamed before burying her face back into Lewis's side. Leah's eyes became cold and she shoved her hand forward. When no one responded Leah quickly turned her head back to her father. She was surprised though that he was standing there with the gun Leah had. He was pointing it at all of them. Tricia yelped and Lewis could feel her shaking.

            "Daddy?" Leah asked.

            "You're crazy," Greg laughed, "You have officially gone crazy!"

            "She's been crazy," Alex snapped, but faltered when the gun was quickly pointed to him. Then Greg moved the gun back to Leah.

            "Daddy, what are you doing??" Leah cried as tears ran down her face.         

            "Listen here Leah," Greg ordered, "You're going to stay here and I'm going to leave. Don't follow me. Understand me? Don't follow."

            "Okay," Leah muttered.

            Greg waved the gun around. "Stay here with these three and make sure you take the credit for killing everyone," Greg continued, "You killed all of these people, understand? I was never here."

            "But I didn't," Leah protested.

            "Yes," Greg growled, "You did."

            With a small sigh Leah nodded her head. She hung her head in shame and Lewis watched as a single tear ran down her cheek. "I was your puppet wasn't I?" She whimpered, "You never really cared about me. All you wanted was for me to do your dirty work. Now that that's done you might as well get rid of me."

            When Greg didn't respond Leah's head shot up. "GO AHEAD!" She shouted, "SHOOT ME!  FREAKING SHOOT ME!"

            "I can't," Greg shrugged, "I won't. I only beat you to take out my anger, but now that that's dealt with I might as well keep you around."

            "You're a jerk," Leah croaked as tears continued down her cheeks. "You're a jerk and I hate you."

            Greg just sighed and nodded his head as he started to back away. "The feeling is mutual," He confessed. Then just like that Greg Coburn ran from the building. Outside Lewis could hear the car engine starting and the tires screaming.

            Leah crumbled to the floor and she curled into herself as she started crying. "I'm sorry," She whimpered, "I am so, so, so sorry."

            "Who are you talking too?" Alex snapped.

            "You guys," Leah answered, and then she turned around to the dead bodies, "To them. To everyone! You don't understand how sorry I am."

            Lewis shook his head. "Well you should be," He growled, "Why would you do something like this? What were you thinking?"

            Leah looked up and quickly wiped her tears away. "That I love you," She murmured, "That I missed you all so much I just wanted to be with you guys again."

            "Well why didn't you just ask?" Tricia sniffed.

            Leah looked at them with lonely eyes. "I didn't think you would want me back," She admitted. The Collins kids looked at her in shock.

            "Of course we would have wanted you back," Lewis muttered. A small smile appeared on Leah's lips but before she could say anything Alex quickly snapped, "But we don't know." Leah frowned and quickly looked away.

            Suddenly the doors burst open and about twenty police officers burst through the doors. They all held guns high and ordered everyone to put their hands in the air. This time Leah just hung her and allowed them to handcuff her. When she passed the Collins kids she stopped walking and looked at them. "I really am sorry," She muttered. Then she hung her head again and continued to walk forward.

            The police officers called someone to take care of the bodies while another directed the kids to the police car. Lewis, Alex, and Tricia all sat in the back of the car, watching as Leah was carried away for good this time. Well that was unless Greg Coburn needed her again. This struck a nerve with Lewis, Alexander, and Patricia because they knew that Greg Coburn was still out there and there was no telling what he would do next.

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