Leah's Escape {14}

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Chapter Fourteen

            The second time Lewis had met Mr. Coburn was unpleasant. When Greg Coburn came to pick Leah up that one day, Lewis was hoping- no praying- that he would never have to see that man again. There was just something off about Mr. Coburn that Lewis didn't like.

            "Lewis?" Tricia asked, pulling herself up on the couch so she could look out the window too.

            "Yeah?" Lewis sighed.

            "What are you looking at?" Tricia wondered. She cocked her head to the side, letting her little curls of strawberry blonde hair fall backwards. Lewis looked at his sister, wondering if she would understand. Lewis had promised not to tell Leah's secret though and he wasn't planning on risking it.

            "Just wondering what Leah's doing," Lewis answered, resting his head on his arms on the back of the couch. Tricia turned to window and looked out. Lewis watched as his sister's eyes searched until they found the familiar face. A small smile broke across Tricia's little mouth.

            "She's raking leaves," Tricia cried, her face bright.

            "And why is that good?" Lewis laughed. He pulled his eyebrows together in confusion as he tried to figure Tricia out.

            "Leah always lets us jump in the leaves," Tricia answered. Then she scrambled off the couch, almost falling off in the process, and ran to the door. She slipped on the little shoes that she had left there, falling backwards in the process. She made such a ruckus that Marie Collins had heard.

            "Patricia," Marie warned, "What on earth do you think you're doing?"

            "Jumping in the leaves Mommy," Tricia answered, reaching for the door handle. She made little grunting noises as she tried and failed to open the door. When she couldn't she set her mouth in a cute pout before letting out a small whimper.

            "Lewis," Marie called, "Take your brother and sister outside to jump in the leaves."

            "What?" Lewis asked, "Why?"

            "Because I said so," She answered, wiping her hands on her apron as she walked into the living room. Lewis turned around on the couch and gave his mother a stern look. Marie Collins put her hands on her hips and returned the stern look, refusing to back down.

Finally Lewis caved. "Oh alright," He grumbled. Lewis slid off of the couch and walked to the front door to pull his shoes on. "ALEX!" He yelled, "LET'S GO JUMP IN THE LEAVES!"

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