Leah's Escape {13}

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Chapter Thirteen

            When Lewis woke up, his head was rested against glass. Lewis quickly sat up and looked around wearily. "What the..." He started. Then he noticed that he was in a moving car.  His hands were tied up above his head and his legs were tied under the seat. Lewis struggled on the ties but that only made the rope burn around his wrists.

            "It's best not to struggle," A voice advised. Lewis's head snapped to the side and he cringed away from Stephanie. Her hands tightened on the wheel as she glanced at Lewis from the corner of her eye.

            "What's going on?" Lewis asked cautiously.

            "Just helping out a friend," Stephanie answered. She kept looked around nervously as if she were going to be caught. Lewis narrowed his eyes, knowing right away that Stephanie wasn't cut out for this job and she was in fact not crazy.

            "Leah," Lewis spat.

            "She was one of my closest friends," Stephanie murmured, "I would do anything to have that friendship back. When I moved to California as a little girl, the only friend from home that I kept in touch with was Leah. We talked on the phone all of the time."

            "You do know she's crazy right," Lewis hissed. Stephanie's hands tightened on the wheel, turning her knuckles white. "Like bonkers crazy," Lewis continued. Stephanie winced as she turned the wheel.

            "Maybe we could change that," Stephanie murmured.

            "No," Lewis laughed, "She is way beyond return."

            "How would you know?" Stephanie snapped, "You've only seen her at her weakest points. The points where she was most vulnerable. You don't know whether or not she is capable of becoming sane again."

            "Oh yeah," Lewis snorted, "Last time I saw her was at her weakest point. When was the last time you saw her, Stephanie?"

            Stephanie winced again, keeping her face straight on the road. Every so often she would look at Lewis from the corner of her eye but other than that she wouldn't look at him. There was a tight scowl placed on her face. Lewis rolled his eyes at how stupid she was being. Then he noticed a sign that made his stomach curl.


            Lewis's eyes widened as he felt his stomach twist. He frantically fought against the ropes. They burned into his flesh, making him wince every so often. Lewis couldn't believe that he couldn't even get out of some rope holds. "This is not funny, Stephanie," Lewis growled, "Let me go. Get me out of here."

            "I really am sorry, Lewis," Stephanie sighed, "I really didn't want to do this."

            "Well then why did you?" Lewis snapped.

            "Because Leah told me she always felt like herself when she was around you Collins kids," Stephanie explained, "I want the old Leah back so badly."

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