Leah's Escape {15}

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Chapter Fifteen

             The Collins's kids followed Greg Coburn outside hesitantly. Tricia clutched tightly Lewis's arm, who was in the lead, and Alex stood behind them distantly, ready for something to pop out at them. Greg walked with his back straight, a steady stride, and way in front of the kids. When they were far enough outside, Greg turned to look at them. "It's been too long," He started with a creepy smile.

            "Cut the happy business and get to what you want with us," Alex snapped, stepping forward slightly. Lewis gently put his hand on his brother's shoulder, and Alex relaxed a little.

            "Right, right," Greg nodded, "Well I guess you have a right to know don't you? Well you know that boy in there?"

            "Yes," Tricia answered the same time Lewis and Alex answered, "No."

            Greg smiled a little. "Well that's Leah's brother." He waited a minute as if to pause for effect. "He's not my son though. Their mother had an affair and gave birth to that bastard child. Why do you think I lashed out on them? They deserved it. They soiled our family and ruined my reputation by having that child."

            "But how did that have anything to do with Leah?" Tricia whispered. "She didn't know about Luke. Why weren't you punishing her mother? She was the one that was actually at fault!"

            "But if I hit her too much she would have left," Greg growled, "If I held her little girl hostage while showing her what I wanted to do to her that's what got her to stay."

            Alex rolled his eyes. "The whole family is crazy!" He yelled, "The whole lot of you are completely crazy! Nutbars!"

            Greg narrowed his eyes and muttered, "I'm going to ignore that comment."

            "And what does this have to do with us?" Lewis asked quickly to advert the attention off of his younger brother. Greg turned his head to Lewis.

            "Well," He continued, "Once I figured out Leah's plan for hiding, I started brainstorming in jail. I knew that if I tried hard enough I would be able to get Leah on my side. I was easily able to get out of jail on good behavior because it wasn't like I killed anyone."

            "And how did you know where Leah was?" Alex asked.

            "I paid attention," Greg shrugged. "I searched for her and waited until she slipped up a little and showed herself for food or using the toilet. I talked with her and I offered her something that she would do anything to get."

            There was silence among all of them. Finally Lewis balked up the courage to ask, "What was it she wanted so badly?"

            "Three little kids," Greg answered, "Childhood friends who she knew as the only family she knew and trusted. I offered her a chance, well more than one chance, to be with you guys again if she did what I wanted and needed."

            "Wait I'm confused," Tricia interrupted, "You didn't have us. We hardly ever saw you. I know I only met you when I was really little so how could you offer Leah a chance to be with us?"

            "Research," He responded, "Enough research and a few inside sources gave me where you lived and your schedules. I offered that information to Leah and even was the one to suggest the cellar to hold you guys in if she did what I asked."

            "And what was that?" Lewis whispered.

            "That woman," Greg spat, "My wife had an affair and gave birth to that stupid kid. I wanted Leah to get them together and bring them here so I couldn't get rid of the both of them. I contacted Luke, telling him that I knew about him and that I forgave him for being the son of my wife and some stranger. He agreed to bail Leah out of jail. It was her job to stick with him and give the cold shoulder to her mother. Knowing my wife, I knew that she would want to get closer to Leah in order to get back on her good side."

            "That was a risk," Lewis muttered.

            "A risk I was willing to take," Greg smirked. "Either way here we are and I've got Tina and Luke in the palm of my hands."

            "And that girl in there?" Tricia cried. "Did she deserve what happened to her too? I'm sure she didn't know what was going on so she could have just gone home free."

            "And what would be the fun of that?" Greg laughed. "Though in all seriousness, it would have never worked out. By the end of this Leah will be going to jail again and we don't want any loose ties knowing what's happening in there."

            The three Collins kids looked at one another before looking back at Greg. "What is Leah going to do in jail?" Lewis muttered.

            Greg Coburn shrugged, "We'll see." Then he walked back inside the building. The Collins kids could have taken the time to think of an escape plan because they were outside unsupervised. They could run, but then again they had no clue where they were. The main reason why they stayed though, following Greg back into the building was because they were extremely curious.

            The three of them followed Greg through the building until they were able to see Leah, Luke, Tina, and Stephanie's dead body. Tricia cowered into Lewis's side again. Lewis watched as Leah turned and her face brightened when he saw the three of them. She walked over to them and the Collins kids quickly moved closer to each other.

            "Hi guys," Leah chirped.

            "Leah, what's going on," Lewis hissed, "What do you think you're doing?"

            "We're together again," Leah smirked, "Isn't this great! The four of us can hang out with each other like we used too! This is going to be so much fun!"

            "You're insane," Alex spat, "You are completely and utterly insane."

            Leah flinched a little but still kept on her scary smile. She reached out to touch Lewis's arm and he quickly moved away. Leah scowled a little but quickly dropped her hand.

            "Gregory," Tina hissed, "Why are we here? What's going on?"

            Leah turned her attention to her Father. "Is it time, daddy?" She asked. Greg nodded his head and walked over to Tina. He slapped her across the face and she stumbled backwards. Greg became vicious, shoving and pushing Tina until she fell to the ground.

            "Hey what do you think you're doing?" Luke yelled, shoving Greg out of the way. Greg stumbled backwards because he wasn't prepared for Luke to started fighting him.

            Tricia whimpered as she watched Greg roughly slam Luke into the wall. "Oh stop!" Tricia yelled, "You're going to hurt kill them please stop!"

            Leah quickly shot Tricia a look, making Tricia cower into her brother's in fear. "Shut it," Leah snapped, "We don't want you to get hurt."

            "Come on Le," Lewis soothed, "You don't want Trich to get hurt. Let's just leave her out of this. Okay? No need to threaten her."

            Leah nodded numbly. She turned her head back to Greg who was still ruthlessly shoving Luke and Tina around ruthlessly. "It has to be done," Greg grunted, holding tightly to Luke's neck, "No loose ends."

            "It has to be done," Leah whispered, "No loose ends."

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