Leah's Escape {9}

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Hey guys, so I jst know how much you lovvvee seeing what Leah's doing, ahaha, so this is also once again a little more into her mind!

   After the next chapter I'll talk more about Stephanie because she's in it and it's really important! So if anyone has remembered who Stephanie is comment and help the fellow readers out XD

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Chapter Nine

            Leah stood on the porch of her Mother's new house, with her arms crossed over her chest. Luke stood behind her running his hand through his hair as he placed back and forth. "Will you stop?" Leah snapped, only cocking her head in her brother's direction. Luke opened his mouth as if to protest, but quickly snapped it shut.

            The front door finally opened a crack.

            "Hello?" Leah's mother snapped, "Who's there?"

            "Me, Mother," Leah growled, "Now are you going to open up or what? You were the one who wanted to see me. I don't have all day you know."

            "Leah," Tina Coburn smiled, opening the door widely. She opened her arms for a warm hug, but Leah just pushed past her into the house. Luke followed but kissed his Mother on the cheek lightly before fully walking into the house.

            "Why are we here?" Leah asked.

            "Are you dragging your brother around like a little minion?" Tina chuckled, closing the door and patting her son on the shoulder.

            "He can do whatever he wants," Leah shrugged, but shot her brother a warning glare anyway. Luke dunked his head and quickly looked away.

            "Of course," Tina nodded, "Well why don't you come in? Come get something to eat or drink?"

            "Mother," Leah sighed loudly.

            A pleasant smile lit Tina's face. "I've decided I'm going to make up for leaving you so many years ago," Tina started.

            "That's great," Leah nodded, "But when are you going to make up for making my life a living hell?" Leah sat on her Mother's couch and looked up at her with a thoughtful look and an evil smile.

            Tina hung her head in sorrow, and quickly ran her hand over her face. "Please, Leah?" Tina asked, "I'm sorry, and you should know that. You've made your life what it is now. Alright? I'm sorry I wasn't the best mother..."

            "Wasn't the best?" Leah scoffed, "How about the worst?"

            "But I'm able to make it up now," Tina continued, ignoring Leah's interruption.

            "And how is that?" Luke asked, crossing his arms over his chest in a thoughtful way. Leah shot him a glare, but then looked back at their Mother.

            Tina let out a shaky sigh. "Follow me," She muttered. Tina Coburn quickly left the room and made her way to the hallway. Luke and Leah looked at each other curiously and then quickly followed their Mother into the hallway. Tina opened the basement door and started down the dark basement. When she was at the bottom of the stairs she called, "Luke, turn the light on."

            Luke obeyed her quickly, turning the lights on.

            "Tina," Leah sighed, "What's going on?"

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