Storm the Fortress!

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Special thanks to Rosetheneko12345 for giving me this chapter suggestion. Now, without further ado, let's get on with the story!

-Torcher's POV-

We sat in silence for what felt like hours, no one coming or going, just stares as they walked past our hall. There was no way I could let my guard down, now. Despite being so tired, I kept my eyes open, preparing myself for the worst.
Once the glass door to our room was opened, however, instead of heightening my defenses, I only grew even more drowsy.
"We're here for... the soldier in green." Said a stern looking deer.
The guard behind him took a step forward and started undoing the locks to our little cage. It was the first time I'd noticed all the precautionary steps they'd put into keeping us far away and locked up.
"Kindly hand him over to us, please. We don't need any more trouble on our hands, now do we?" He said in a cold manner.
This only made me hold Soldier closer as the guard hesitantly took a few steps towards us. Suddenly, they lunged and took him from me by his arms.
Trying to resist as much as possible, grabbing and holding onto his leg while the guard desperately tried to free my tight grasp. When they reached for the gun on their belt though did I finally freeze. Still not daring to let go, they pressed the gun to my chin and tilted my head up to look at them. After a moment of staring at one another, I had no time to react when they kicked out my arms and freed Soldier from my grasp.
"Nngghhh..." was all I could say, defeated and in pain.
He was placed on a bed and rolled out of the room before the guard came back to lock my door. Then, it was silent once more.
Starting to collapse out of tiredness, the room turned dark and it was only me here with my thoughts. Now, all I could do was to pray for his safety.

-Still Torcher's POV-

Who knows how long it's been since I passed out. Sitting up, I noticed that Soldier still hadn't come back yet. They were our only hope to recover, but could we really trust them? Trying to stand upright, my body felt all sorts of sore and tight tempting me to just give up already.
"No, this is no time to give up. Soldier might be in trouble and I'd never know unless I went to check."
When they came to retrieve him from me earlier, the guard held a key that he used to free the locks. As far as I could tell, there were no substitutes in my reach. They'd even taken away my flamethrower and Soldier's knife! It was understandable, but come on!
With my limited recourses, this escape was going to be a tricky one. Just then did I remember my box of matches. I held onto them just in case I was having problems lighting the flame on my flamethrower. After unzipping the top half of my suit, I reached into my pocket and pulled out the small container. Taking out a single match, it became increasingly harder to control myself.
When it came to my profession, I was supposed to go ham when it came to fire. Taking down my opponents was an easy task for one single reason, I'm a pyromaniac. Each day I'd light a candle or a match to keep my mind stable. Being away from fire for so long was like being dehydrated, you'd yearn for liquid and I'd become and uncontrollable nightmare.
I could feel myself slowly slipping away and out of control. Instead of grabbing just one match, I emptied out all that was left onto my hands.
"You've all made a mess of me..."
Now they were going to face the consequences. My vision blurred into a blinding red, the lights on the walls turned to fire, and then it was all drowned out by darkness. I slid my mask on and stood up.
"It's showtime."

-Soldier's POV-

I woke up again under a bright white light. Starting to struggle a little, I lifted my head and noticed I was bound to an operating table with metal straps.
Everything but my neck was held down so I was able to get a decent look at the room around me. There were glowing red lights lining the walls and vials and potions of varying colours strewn across desks and high shelves.
"Welcome back." said a Beaver.
With the room's only lighting being flashed right in my face, it was quite difficult to make out her other details, but one thing that stuck out in my mind was the scar across her right eye. I shuddered wondering what could've happened to her when she suddenly slammed her hand down on the table's edge.
"You two have caused us a lot of trouble, now. The horde has already caught up with us and are trying to breach our defenses. Since you're one of our honoured guests, we'll show you every bit of hospitality we have. Anything we have left..."
Her final words were followed by a devilish but pained smirk that could shake even the toughest of hearts. She walked away from the table, trying to hide a faintly visible limp. Lifting my head up again, I noticed that she was only wearing one shoe which was on her other leg, allowing me to see a huge bite mark that was starting to turn a deep shade of purple.
I accidentally gasped causing her to look back over to me.
"What are you looking at, now?" She said with hatred laced into her words.
I looked down at her leg again as she followed my gaze.
"Well, I guess you've noticed, then."
Her expression turned sour.
"This is all your fault! Everything was alright until you all showed up! They thought you could be allies, but instead you led the apocalypse right to us! I was bitten by one of them, not the normal kind, but one that could spread the infection. Now I'm going to turn into one of them and I won't even be able to tell my family that I'm sorry..."
My emotions were all mixed up, a jumbled mess. What should I do in this situation? Actually, what could I do? My thoughts were interrupted by the door opening and a guard coming in.
"Ms. Beaver! The Torcher has escaped and is setting the building ablaze. We need to evacuate, now!"
We just sat there in silence for what seemed like an eternity.
Torcher was alright, wasn't he!? To already be able to take a building down took a lot of strength, so he must be at least somewhat fine.
"Okay, just give me a minute... please..."
"Yes ma'am."
And then they left. Once I looked back over to the Beaver, and I was shocked by what I saw. Tears were streaming down her cheeks as she held in silent sobs.
"I can't do it... I never wanted things to be this way! I always wanted to be a scientist, but how things turned out, this wasn't supposed to happen! When they said they needed my help creating a cure, I thought they were trying to end cancer or something like that, but I never expected them to try curing the rebellion. Most of the scientists here are power-hungry, conspiring together for World domination. They never let me in on these plans, and when I saw my family turn right before my eyes, they turned me around saying that they'd be fine. When I refused to keep helping them, I was held at gunpoint, forced to keep working until the bitter end!"
This was too much to take in, and even I was starting to tear up under all the stress.
"It isn't your fault..." I said quietly.
"It isn't your fault. You couldn't control this, but while you still aren't infected yet, you need to live and find a cure."
She started to sob harder.
"I need to get you out of here!"
It was when she said that that the first licks of fire came into the room.
"There's no time, just go!" I shouted.
"I'm sorry..."
And with that, she went running out of the building in tears. I couldn't tell if I was happy or sad to be left alone. There was no way I could survive this fire. The legs of all the tables and shelves started to crumble and collapse from their  lack of stability. When one of the shelves next to me started tipping, so did the potions it held. One of such toppled over and spilled all over me, a bit of it even landing in my mouth.
I tried spitting it out but that only made things worse. Everything started to come down around me, opening the roof and revealing the sky. It was night time... the stars were out, the moon was full, and it all looked so clear.
My body started rapidly tensing and struggling on its own, not listening to me or my thoughts. The sky started to darken, the last of the potions had fallen starting to create a bright, glowing light, and then the sky fell.
I was free, but at a cost. My mind started to shut down.
"Torcher..." I said to myself in defeat.
"I couldn't hold myself together. The infection was bound to catch back up to me sooner or later, and I'm afraid that my time has run out. I'll be back for you, just you wait for me..."
Then, my bindings came undone and I could move again. Just then, the ceiling caved and before it all came down on me, I whispered on last time.
"Wait for me..."

-Torcher's POV-

I was completely out of my mind. The screams of scientists and guards as they were being trapped under falling debris rang throughout my head, but none of them got through to me. It was only when four figures ran through the entryway did I slowly start to float back into consciousness.
There was a zebra, a pony, a pig, and a player... They were back! After each one ran off into different directions, they slowly started freeing the trapped people and getting them out of here. All I could do was stand still. They must be back to get us! The zebra ran towards me and I lifted my flamethrower to counteract her sword but to no avail as she knocked it from my hands.
Strangely though, instead of taking me down, she placed her hands on either side of my mask and pulled it off. Still maintaining eye-contact, she looked me dead in the eyes and snapped something back into me.
"What's happening!? Are you able to escape on your own?"
This made me freeze. These people weren't being hostile, but they were trying to help me.
"Come on, we need to get you out of here!"
When her other friends started rushing over to us, I flinched and took a step back. They slowed down once they saw my still glowing red eyes, and I only became more stressed.
"Wait, didn't he leave the outpost with one of the soldiers?" said the pig.
That was when I finally remembered, Soldier was still inside! Grabbing my mask and shaking loose from their grasp, I started running as fast as I could.
"How could I forget him!?"
There was no time to waste! I ran from door to door until I finally opened the door to a wasteland of a room, and there he was. Soldier was sitting on the side of a medical bed, eyes shadowed out by the lack of light.
"Thank God I've found you! Come on, we have to get you out of here!"
He stayed silent but after a moment, Soldier looked up at me with tears filling his eyes. He was holding down his hand which was twitching and turning into claws.
"No, wait!"
Just then, I was pulled back from the door as it was closed and turned to face the rebels.
"We have to go!" the pony shouted.
All four of them were dragging me out the front door when I couldn't hold back my tears. Then, we were gone, and the smoke and debris clouded the air to an unsightly black.


We could never go back for him now...


Next Up: Family Reunion

Wooo that was an emotional rollercoaster for me! This was at least double the previously longest chapter I had, so I hope you liked it. Also, please excuse the poor quality 😖, this was a bit rushed.

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