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I apologise in advance for I am really not the best at writing 😓.
I also do not own the game Piggy. MiniToon was the one to release the game to the public. (I also highly recommend playing it, it's incredibly good).

Piggy, chapter 11, is the eleventh chapter in this story/horror game. You are located in a military base, which is called the outpost, and have to open the exit and enter into the research facility in order to win. There are two enemies you must avoid, the first of which being the Soldier. They climb out of holes and only attack if you happen to bump into them, which case they'll attack you with a sort of knife/blade. Torcher is a masked individual who'll chase you around, wielding a flamethrower.

I developed a liking to ship the two together, and I must say that I am not the first.

Considering that we don't know Torcher's gender, my fanon is that they're a male, so that's what i'll be referring to him as. Keeping that in mind, this is a Boy x Boy fanfiction, and if you don't like those kinds of relationships, then this is not the place for you. This is a very accepting environment.

I might be slow on updating because I'm either at a writer's block or comepletely forgot about this story in general, so please bare with me. Without further ado, let's get onto the story!

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