Help is On the Way!

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The sun was beginning to rise and a peaceful morning light was shining through the window. All was quiet besides the birds singing outside and the occasional sound of squirrels hopping around the paths. Torcher was the first to wake up and decided to leave his gear off for the day. It was hot as is but he'd be practically dying if he dared to put any of it on.
Underneath his normal, heat-resistant attire, Torcher wore a tank-top with camo colored shorts.
Stepping out of the cabin, he decided to look around. Never having got the chance to get a glimpse of their surroundings, everything was new. Were there going to be traps or was everything perfectly safe? Either way, his first order of business was to make sure they had a safe perimeter or they'd be done for.

-Torcher's POV-

Unlike back at the outpost, there was time to properly greet the morning here. I was so used to being on a tight schedule that I woke up at regular time, despite all that had happened last night.
After looking around a little bit, I noticed that there were a couple of different areas. One was the cabins where we we're staying right now, one large tent next to a campfire, and small cave. The next area was in a few different places. There were a couple of generators that I discovered to be connected to the door. The door was also wide open which made me freak out for a moment.
"No one could have gotten in, right?" I thought out loud.
I closed the front door, and after giving the generators a taste of my flamethrower, they couldn't possibly work anymore. Each one made a bit of a screeching noise before becoming inactive, but I decided to ignore that for the time being. Heading back to the door, I gave it a rough push to make sure it'd stay shut, and it did. Dusting off my pants and turning to go look around more, I stopped dead in my tracks.
There was an infected! I reached down for my flamethrower only to discover that the monster had already taken it.
"Shoot!" I cursed to myself before being grabbed and flung into the door.
The monster had green scales and a few black spots. The claws on its hand were sharp, second to nothing, and wouldn't allow me to escape. I looked him dead in his deep eyes, they were a similar type to soldier's. All black with glowing green irises that rested on me, not making a move. To be honest, it looked like a dinosaur, like the ones you'd buy at the store, just more evil.
I tried to move but it held me tightly. I made another attempt to break free of its grasp but the beast started to come to life. He leaned forward, baring his teeth and eyes turning to slits.
All the forceful behavior started to try and open up my previous wounds, and it hurt so badly that I couldn't help but yelp in pain. Taking one final look at my captor, my eyes closed as they bit down hard into my shoulder causing me to scream in pain.
"My efforts were useless... the door wasn't enough..."
Then I remembered Soldier. He was still in the cabin!
Feeling a new power surge through my body I pushed away the dino's head and made a break for it, making sure to take back my flamethrower.

There was no way I'd let them hurt him too.

-Soldier's POV-

I awoke to Torcher hurriedly rushing into our cabin and putting on his yellow suit and mask.
"What's going on?" I asked sleepily.
He slid off his mask for a moment and said, "They're here."
This was no time to act tired or slow down now. We can't let ourselves get caught.
Torched slid his mask back in place and put his hat on, not bothering to use the small buckle as usual. It was cute how he did that, it was also why I did it myself.
"Wait, What am I saying!?" I thought to myself, trying not to blush and redirecting my focus back to the problem at hand.
"He needs me right now!" I said as I rushed to get my gear on. We were out of there in a flash but stopped as soon as we saw the oncoming crowd. There were so many of them, maybe even at least 15! How could we handle all of them at once?
"We have no choice then..." Torcher said, barely understandable.
We charged into the crowd, already knocking a couple of them down. Continuing to push through the crowd, we both got a couple scrapes and bruises from the onslaught. I took the next one down, what looked to be a bunny wearing a light blue dress that had a deep scar across her left eye.
"Must have been one of the longer lasting ones..." I sighed sadly.
It almost made me feel bad to take her down, but as she fell after I knocked her out, I placed her against the side of a cabin and went inside for cover.
Looking for anything useful to use, I spotted a gun in the corner.
"I'm no master, but this'll do for now."
Catching myself before opening the door, I looked to find that there was no ammo inside.
"Crap!" I said rather loudly which seemed to distract our attackers because as soon as I stood up, they started banging on the door. Panic started to overcome me as I buckled under the weight of my fear until I heard a soft "Clink!" and looked to the floor. It was a bullet!
"Where did I...? The watchtower!"
No one could reach me now...

-Torcher's POV-

Turning back to check on Soldier, I noticed that he was gone.
"Soldier!" I yelled, too muffled to clearly make out my words, then suddenly he burst through another cabin's door and shot at the legs of two monsters.
They went down immediately, starting to bleed from their wounds and I looked over to see Soldier with a wide grin on his face, something I hadn't seen in a long time.
He ran past me and grabbed my arm to drag me along.
"This way!" he shouted.
There was a hole in their formation which gave us a perfect escape route as we headed to the door. We skid to a halt when we saw the door was closed shut and I immediately turned pale.
"Why is it closed?" he asked, starting to have a nervous break-down.
"I was trying to keep them out... little did I know they were already in..." I responded shakily after removing my mask.
We were gonna die and it was all my fault. I started to tear up until Soldier held my head in his hands and brushed my tears away.
"Don't cry... we can still get out of this! It isn't your fault." He comforted me and I couldn't help but blush a bit in response. Deciding to take a look at the fence, we dodged a few of the quicker monsters and ran until we were at a safe distance.
"Shoot, the fence is too high!" Soldier said.
"What are we supposed to do now?" I asked, amidst sniffles.
There was silence for a moment before I was suddenly lifted off the ground.
"If it comes down to either you or me, you're going to be safe!" he declared.
I couldn't believe it. He'd sacrifice his own life for me when it came down to either one of our lives.
"No! I can't leave you!" I started to cry.
He pushed me onto the ledge, but I refused to go over.
"What are you waiting for? You need to go!" he commanded sounding slightly pained.
"I'll never leave you behind..." I whispered.
"Wait, what'd you sa-AAY!?"
I used my own weight to pull him over with me and we fell into the cold, dark night. I winced in pain and took off my right shoulder strap to unzip my suit. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw him blush a little before rubbing his head and looking curiously over to me. My shoulder was bleeding badly and had no intention of stopping.
"Ow!" I cried as I held onto it, panting heavily.
"What happened!?" He quickly asked.
"One of the infected bit me in the shoulder before you woke up, and I rushed back soon after."
"You could have told me sooner than this! You're my first priority!" He stated, starting to blush once he realized what he had said and so did I.
"I'm sorry..." I admitted quietly and Soldier took my other arm and pulled me up.
"It's alright, but we need to look out for each other so don't hesitate to tell me what's wrong. To start off, we need to find safety!"
As soon as we got there, we were gone again.

-??? POV-

"Did you see that?"
"What was it?"
"It looked to be the Torcher and a soldier, the ones from the outpost."
"They don't look to be infected... but can we really trust them?"
"If they're still themselves, then they're an ally."
"We need to help them, it looks like they're hurt!"
"Let's get a move on then, we have no time to waste."


"Operation save the soldiers is ago."

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