A Battle That Can't Be Won

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The moon shone brightly in the night sky as battle cries rang throughout the air. The outpost was being infiltrated, and the soldiers were loosing, badly!
Player was running back to the exit with a shining blue key card and looking quite frantic. Zizzy and Pony held off the attacking soldiers and swiftly pulled each one aside after being knocked unconscious. They were never ending, but the rebellion never gave up. George swiftly ran up past the fighting pair and straight next to player's side.
"Wait!" he cried as he tugged on player's shirt.
"Take me with you!" he pleaded.
"Aren't you supposed to be back with my sisters?" Zizzy asked, not taking her eyes off of the battle ahead.
"I convinced them to play a game of hide and seek so I could follow you. Please, I want to see the ones who hurt my family!"
Everyone stood there in stunned silence. Even the oncoming soldiers seemed to stop and stare for a moment.
"Alright, we'll stay back and hold them off," Zizzy replied, gaining a new sense of confidence that seemed to fill the air.
As the player and George ran off to the heart of the base, Pony stopped to face Zizzy for a brief moment.
"If we don't manage to get out of this... I just wanted to let you know..." he started to blush.
"It's okay, Pony. I already know."
The two stopped to hug each other and dove right back into the fight. They could not afford to lose.

-Soldier's POV-

The battle was raging on and we became more desperate to win by the minute. Everyone was tired out and couldn't keep up with the two fearsome animals before us. The difference was in our styles. Instead of staying calm and rational, we soldiers persisted without a moment of thought while our opponents would think strategy, but also never give up.

I was in the back, waiting on standby and preparing to face whatever would appear before me, but I stopped in my tracks unmoving.
"We can't win!" I thought to myself. "We stand no chance!" and I was right.
At this rate, we could be completely wiped out and at their mercy in mere minutes, but we couldn't afford that. So, what could we do? Most of us utilised the same skill sets, so our only hope would be to tire them out eventually. The only one here who could really face these beasts and go head to head with them would be Torcher, but I looked around and he was nowhere in sight. Knowing that this was our only chance, I backed up into the Medical Bay and looked back one last time at my falling comrades, my friends whom I've known for so long.
"This is to protect them!" I tried to convince myself, but I felt no courage.
Needing to get myself back into focus, I pulled myself back up to my feet, noticing how I was down on my knees, lost in thought, and ran to the upstairs catwalk.

-Still Soldier's POV-

From where we were earlier, we had no way to see what was going on up there. I raced across the catwalk, looking for any sign of our loyal pyromaniac. All I saw were overturned tables, knocked over keys, and everything was in disarray. My run became a sprint, and I raced to the other side of our base, where we kept all our clothing and other items, and there he was.


There he was, and he was covered in blood.

His suit was torn in one area where he was heavily bleeding and his mask was off and on the ground.
He looked like us, a pink pig with a huge black marking on the right side of his face, but unlike us, his right eye was still in tact and each one was red. A blinding red colour that was nowhere to be seen now.
It was honestly very painful seeing him this way. His once bright smile was gone and now turned into a painful sadness. It was then that I felt something surge through me. I was compelled to take care of him, needed to make sure he was alright, yearned to see his sweet smile again...
The pounding of shoes starting to come our way made me kick into overdrive. I ever so gently picked up my unconscious friend and held him close.
"I'll be back, my comrades... Just you wait." I said under my breath and carried Torcher out of our base. Far, far away. Away from my now painful memories.

I was still technically infected since my appearance hadn't changed back, but it was me again. I was in control, and when Torcher wakes up, will he be the same? Either way, that didn't matter right now. He was alive, I could feel it, so that's what I must rely on.
"Don't worry my friend, I will always have your back, stand with you in the darkest of times, protect you with everything I have. I will bring us to safety where no one will ever be able to bring harm to you again.

Little did I know that my vows were heard, practically set in stone. I looked down to see him softly smiling, but with pain still etched into his expression.


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