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For this story, I'm mainly trying to go with the flow y'know? See what comes to my mind next.
Now, I'm thinking of being open to suggestions, so ask away! I'll review each one, but I have a few rules first.

1: No smut, it may make people very uncomfortable.

2: I want to keep most of what happens in the story at least semi-realistic, so try to be in those kinds of boundaries.

3: I have a few relationships already set in stone for this story such as Soldier x Torcher and Pony x Zizzy. If you have a suggestion or want to have them be in another relationship, I'll maybe only just let them have a bit of a temporary attraction but won't stay for the whole story. Sorry 😓

I'm open to new suggestions so please be honest about what you think can be improved or what you want to see in the future. Let's just try to keep them mostly clean though.

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