Turning the Tides

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As the battle progressed, the downpour only cam down harder. Rain pelleted the rebellion as they hurriedly ran alongside the abandoned road. A few of the infected turned around to follow the group with only the fastest able to keep up.
Once they reached the hospital, the tired group quickly blocked the entrances and began to look around. Little did they know that this kind of peace would be short-lived.

-Zizzy's POV-

As soon as we ran past the horde of infected, barely any of them turned to follow us. The hospital was in our view, now, but they were close behind us. After everyone had gotten inside, we slammed the door just in time to block the chainsaw flying right towards us.
"It was a robot..." Pony told me.
"On its right arm, the grey, pig-looking creature had replaced it with a chainsaw, being able to turn it on by sheer willpower."
I thought it was safe to assume that this was how they broke through our wooden barricades. If it manages to get in here, it'll surely cause us a great deal of trouble.
"It wasn't the only one on our tail, though."
My head shot up as I looked Pony in the eyes.
"Yeah, there was something... different about that other one."
"What do you mean?"
He looked at George for a second before turning back to me. He was sitting against a wall with Torcher keeping a hand on his shoulder and Player sitting right beside them. Two others were accompanying us, as well. They was a giraffe and a grey donkey who had also helped keep the infected off of us while we ran.
Pony leaned in towards me, held a hand next to his mouth, trying to block any excessive noise, and closed his eyes for a moment.
"The other was... a pig, just like George."
"Did you know them?"
"The only time I had met her was when we were younger. She wore a red dress and was chasing after us with a blood-stained bat. George told me about her before... many times actually. Her name is Penny, George's sister."
I was shocked. Of all the times she could've shown up, Penny had to choose now.
"If George happens to run into her, then, I'm not sure that he'd be able to handle it..." I thought out loud.
"Good point, she will pose as a problem... The only thing we really can do is hope that doesn't happen and leave him with a group."
I nodded.
"At this point, with our staggering numbers and lack of knowledge, our chances of succeeding will be slim. However, if we put forth our best effort, I'm sure we'll pull through!"
We turned back to the rest of the group and they smiled, having heard my last words. Im the best at inspirational speeches ;).

-The Player's POV-

I couldn't wait for this all to be over. After meeting so many new people and watching them turn was painful, and my head was beginning to ache. The hospital was just how I remembered it, in total disarray and chaos. All the lights were either dimmed down to lowest setting or completely dark making it almost impossible to navigate this nightmarish maze.
My breathing started to slow down after sitting with George for a few quiet minutes. His usual, determined attitude had all but disappeared, yet he was fiercely panting and looking around nervously.
"Are you alright, George?" I asked him.
He looked at me for a moment before his breathing slowed and he closed his eyes.
"I wish I was..." he told me, still resting his eyes.
He paused for a moment before looking back up at me.
"This place... I remember it all too well. When my family and I were driving here, before, they never told me what we were coming for. Even after I repeatedly asked them, no one said a word and kept that same, foggy look in their eyes.
Finally, after a while, Momma said, 'To get a check-up.' and no one else said a word."
"After that, I kept my mouth shut, too afraid that they'd get irritated if I asked any more questions. That was months ago and only now am I figuring out what that meant..."
"Oh, George... I'm so sorr-"
"But that wasn't it! They left me in the lobby, waiting for them with nothing to do! A half an hour went by and still nobody came out. I began picking at the edges of my nails and scratching them until they bled. It seemed for a moment like they were never coming back. Once they finally came through the automatic sliding door, the air seemed to only get thicker by the second. They were okay! The relief hit me so hard that I almost started crying. I immediately jumped up and ran to them, pulling Penny into a hug."
"'What were you doing in there that took so long? I thought something bad might've happened...'"
"When Penny didn't hug back, my body flinched and the tears I was holding back all threatened the pour out. Gently, Penny slowly lifted her arms up and pulled me closer."
"'Everything was alright.'"
"When she felt me start to nervously fidget with my hands, she said, 'I'll tell you more once we get back home.'"
"I felt satisfied with that answer and she held my hand as we walked out. I noticed a large band-aid going around her left forearm and that her face was slightly paler than usual. There was something she wasn't telling me and Penny wasn't the type to keep those kinds of secrets. Something was horribly wrong."
George and I were quite close, having spent so much time together in this disaster of a Summer. In the beginning, he was shy and mostly kept to himself, slowly gaining back confidence over time, but never had I expected him to open up to me like this, right now! It almost made me feel guilty about not bringing it up to him before. This kid bottled up too many emotions for it to be healthy, so it's about time George decided to explain himself.

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