Team In the Shadows

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After a short time of walking, the skies clouded in and started to pour making the grass an impossible obstacle course. They continued to trudge on in the downpour nonetheless, almost too tired to walk another step.

-Soldier's POV-

My body felt heavy, tired, worn out beyond repair. There was no way we could continue on like this! All of a sudden, the ground had caught up with me, and in no time at all, I was placed in Torcher's lap and held close to the only warmth I've felt in ages.
"We should stop for now, pick it back up in the morning."
He lifted me up, but I could tell by his strength that he felt the same way I did. We'd have to spend our night in what could've been a peaceful atmosphere, something that I'd never view the same way. As we pulled ourselves over to the side of the road, I remembered the med-kit that I'd brought with us. Pulling it out of my pant's pockets, it looked just like the two of us: filthy and in no shape to last that much longer. The reality hurt when it sank in. I could die out here and not have anybody to help me. More importantly, Torcher could also get hurt and I'd do anything to avoid that at all costs.
Suddenly, I heard a rustle from the bushes nearby but quickly dismissed it with no thought at all. Once it happened again though, I started to get suspicious.
Opening my eyes to investigate, it took me about ten extra seconds just to stand up and it did not feel good in the slightest. Straightening myself out and coming out into the open, I noticed how empty everything was. There were barely any plants at all, besides the forest lining.
"Strange..." I mumbled to myself.
"Is everything alright?" Torcher asked, sounding like he was about fall asleep for an entire year.
"Yeah, I just thought I heard something."
After I said that I looked back to him and he suddenly frozw and collapsed onto the ground.
"Torcher!" I shouted, breaking into a sprint.
As soon as I neared him, swift hands came out behind the tree he was leaning against and pulled him into the darkness.
"No!" I cried, rushing behind the tree.
Where could he have gone? They couldn't have taken him far!
Grabbing my knife and collecting Torcher's flamethrower, I raced off after them, unaware of the horrors that I'd encounter. Then I was hit in the back of the neck and I passed out.

-Torcher's POV-

The last thing I remembered was leaning against a large tree, watching Soldier rest beside me. Then, I heard a rustle which I had only assumed was him moving, but I was dead wrong. Apparently, he had heard it too and went up to investigate. That was strange, though, since it sounded so close, abnormally close. No one could sneak up on us in this damp weather, right?
Immediately after, I felt cold hands reach out and grab my arms before another hit me hard in the back of my head. I felt dizzy, confused, terrified. It was too overwhelming, and then I felt myself starting to black out.
The next thing I saw was Soldier running right for me before I was pulled into the darkness. He looked like an angel to me, a savior, and a friend coming to rescue me from this nightmare, but he was too late. I was gone in an instant.


I woke up in a small, cell-like prison surrounded by metal bars and no visible means of escaping. Beginning to back up into the corner, I started taking in my surroundings. The place reminded me of the plant inside our outpost - more technically advanced than a lot of other places I knew. Once I reached the wall, I bumped into something. Turning around, I noticed that it was Soldier!
"Soldier, Soldier wake up!" I pleaded.
He looked like he was freezing in here, so I pulled him into a tight hug and laid his head down on my lap.
"To-Torcher..?" he mumbled.
"I'm here! What happened!?"
"They took you away and now they're coming for the both of us..."
Who was he talking about? Soldier couldn't have meant the infected, right? As far as I could tell, we couldn't get out so I'd figure they'd have a hard time getting in.
"I see you're awake, then." said an unfamiliar voice.
I looked over to see that it was a beaver dressed in a lab coat. She wore a serious expression and was followed by two guards.
"We're going to ask you a few questions, so please try to answer as truthfully as possible."
By that point I was trembling. What were they going to do to us? More importantly, what were they going to do to him? Soldier was completely vulnerable and couldn't defend himself, so everything was up to me now. I swallowed hard, trying my hardest to hold back my fear.
"First question, are you infected?"
This was something that I didn't even know myself.
"I'm not sure..."
The beaver looked disappointed at this, a strange reaction considering that the infected were both mindless and dangerous.
"Okay... Next question, where were you going?"
"Nowhere in particular, we were just running from a horde of the infected."
"I see then, they must have caught up with us. Guards, make sure our perimeters are more secure."
The two nodded and walked away leaving just the three of us in a stone-cold silence.
"Final question, do you know of any others who aren't infected?"
I didn't know how to respond. Should I really tell her about the group of survivors who successfully got past our defenses and annihilated us all in the process?
"A few..." I said reluctantly, already regretting my decision.
The beaver seemed a bit surprised at my response, even turning away from us to think for a moment. Once she turned back to me, her eyes said nothing but anger.
"What did they look like?"
"There were four of them. A zebra, pony, pig, and a player."
"Hmmm..." She said sounding a bit irritated.
"That'll be all."
"Wait!" I said.
"Can you let us out before you go?"
"No. You're better to us in here than out there, and besides, don't you want to help your friend?"
I looked back down to Soldier. He was cut and bruised in a few different places, plus he had no strength left to move. It was painful to see but I for some reason couldn't take my eyes away from him.
"Fine... but can you help him? We have nothing left to work with..."
There was silence for a moment.
"Very well, I'll have one of my clients check you both out."
And after that, she left.
Now we were truly alone with no one to talk to, being treated like prisoners. What could we do though?
"You are my top priority!" Soldier's previous words rang throughout my head.
"You are mine too, so I'm willing to wait for now. I'll get us out of here, safe and sound, no matter what."
Wherever we are or whatever they're doing to us, I won't let them hurt you no matter what. That's my promise.

Up Next: Storm the Fortress!

I apologize for the lack of quality in this chapter. I was running out of ideas for this scene and even lost motivation a few times halfway through. Please bare with me though as I'll try to get back into the spirit! Stay safe!

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