Family Reunion

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A loud crash rang out in the distance as the group of rebels dragged Torcher along.
He felt weak, useless, and too emotionally distraught to do anything, so he just let himself be taken away from all the pain and suffering. The only move he ever made on their way back was putting on his mask to hide how much he was crying. Soldier was lost, but it was a reality he could not accept.

-Torcher's POV-

I didn't dare to speak throughout the whole aftermath. I just couldn't move on, even if only for a moment.
After the research facility completely broke down, the crash could be heard for miles and the debris and dust were endless. Despite that, though, they carried on, or at least carried me on.
"Uh... Torcher? Would you mind helping us out a little here?" asked the pig.
"Give him a break, man, he's just been through hell!" argued the pony.
I was a burden, wasn't I? Soldier wouldn't want me to be like this, he'd want me to be safe and sound, but that was my mission for him too, and I failed...
"Let's stop here for a little while." said the zebra. "I think the scientists might need it too."
That was the first time I'd noticed them: a group of at least ten, tired-looking animals in lab coats, the ones who had taken him away from me. A wave of anger rushed through me as I remembered what they had done to Soldier, but almost immediately turned to sadness knowing that I wasn't there in time to save him.
They sat me down against a weeping willow tree which fit the mood perfectly. We were all broken, defeated, and in no shape to carry on for much longer. When the rebellion and scientists separated themselves into their own little groups, it reminded me of my own friends at the outpost. They were lost and confused too, and even in the toughest of times, we could fill the gap in each other's hearts. I was all alone, now, still fighting back my sobs. I'd lost everyone... my friends, our commander, and the one I loved the most.
The others couldn't see me like this or else they'd think I was weak, needed to be looked after, and unable to fight back. My battle wasn't over yet, but they'd just have to give me time, a lot of time... I stood up and walked over to a small rock formation farther back to get a bit of space. Even if I'd had my mask on, I was shaking like mad. It was an easy way for the other soldiers to tell what I was feeling.
Crickets were chirping all around me, lighting bugs danced around my head, and birds joined together to sing their sweet songs. Could it have been the only calm place left in this apocalypse? Taking my mask and hat off, I closed my eyes and breathed in the fresh air. I'd left my flamethrower back where I was sitting to make sure they knew I didn't run off, so hopefully they wouldn't interrupt this rare moment of peace.
Climbing on top of the tallest rock, I looked up to the stars. All I could think of was how much better this would be if Soldier was here.
"Even if you're truly gone... I'll still come find you, just wait for me..."
The tears that I was holding back came at me with surprising force, and I tried to brush them away but to no avail. Looking back up at the sky, the moon was now blocked by a few clouds.
"Sometimes some good things just can't last forever."
It was a reality that hurt, but I was broken out of my trance by the sound of bushes rustling, was someone watching me?

Zizzy's POV

This was a complete breakthrough in our endless struggles against this virus. We have the scientists to help us now, and one of the infected who gained consciousness! It was a complete mystery how it all happened but now we had an even greater fighting chance. Looking at the new crowd we assembled, I noticed that Torcher was missing. His flamethrower was propped against his tree though, so where could he have gone?
Standing up, I started looking around for him, and Pony stood up next to me.
"Where are you going?" he asked me.
"I'm going to find Torcher. He ran off but left his only weapon so he's probably still in the area."
"Alright, I'll help you search for him too."
And with that, we were off. George and Player were left to hold down the fort while we looked, and they sat together to talk. Around the willow tree, I saw there were some footprints leading me further into the forest. After following them for a few minutes, I was blocked by a row of bushes and trees, as if they were a barricade. Looking below the leaves, I saw him sitting at the top of a rock. Tears were streaming down his cheeks, but he didn't seem to notice. What he did notice though was the amount of noise I was making and looked back in my direction. There was no point in hiding anymore.
I stepped out of the bushes and walked towards him. Torcher looked sad and nervous all at once which kind of hurt my heart.
"Mind if I join you?" I asked.
Torcher shook his head and I climbed up to sit next to him.
"The stars are beautiful, huh?" I said, trying to start up a conversation.
"Yeah..." he replied quietly, pain carved into his voice.
I'd never heard him speak before, so it was a bit surprising for me to hear his faint accent. He sounded slightly British and had a higher-toned voice.

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