Unforgotten Vows

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The night was growing colder as the soldier trudged on. No buildings were in sight and they had nowhere to go...

-Soldier's POV-

I had no time to grab supplies before leaving, and that mistake might cost us our lives. We had no idea which direction society was in, nor did I have what it took to make it there. It was only until I found a seemingly abandoned campsite that I started to feel a ray of hope.
The sun wouldn't be coming up for a couple more hours, so I had plenty of time to explore our surroundings before retiring back to our new base. The place was odd, bordered with a thick line of trees, and before that, a metal fence. I presume that it must've been someone else's safe zone before all hell broke loose. After scanning the area for any signs of survivors left, I decided the coast was clear and carried Torcher until we reached a cabin. It was empty but there were useful items scattered all around, either in different cabins, next to generators, or simply out in the open.
I searched around a little and ended up finding a watch tower with gun ammo and and a med-kit, exactly what I needed! Being careful not to fall, I balanced myself back across the makeshift stairs that I came up and traveled back around to our little cabin. The door was surprisingly quiet and I took that to my advantage to not wake him up. Torcher looked so peaceful, but was still in pain. Suddenly feeling a rush of panic, I immediately put my ear to his chest.


There was nothing.


No, this couldn't be! He was in a decently stable condition when I had laid him down, but I couldn't hear it. There was no sign of a heart beat, and even my own seemed to stop for a minute. I looked down at his face, he was in pain, so much pain, and I needed to help him! Focusing back down onto his chest, I started undoing his grey straps around his shoulders. Trying to hold back my uncontrollable blushing, I unzipped his yellow suit up to his waist and luckily he had a tank-top and shorts on underneath.
"Ha," I mused to myself quietly. I completely got the joke, but this was no time to be laughing.
After putting my ear to his chest one more time, I breathed a heavy sigh of relief, almost breaking into tears realizing I had been holding my breath from fear. Reaching back over to my side, I tried reaching for the med-kit I had brought back, but it had disappeared.

No, it was taken.

The door quickly swung open to reveal a brown-furred dog wearing a purple shirt and wielding an axe. What got me the most were his eyes. They were a bloodshot red and had irises the colour of the sun. He stood still, watching, piercing me with his sharp gaze before raising his axe to strike.

-Still Soldier's POV-

Everything seemed to stand still for a moment as I sat there, unmoving, too startled from pure shock. The axe came down hard on my side, but I tried my best to keep it from cutting me too badly. Regaining some of my strength, I side-stepped and rammed the dog out of the door, his yelp getting caught in his throat.
We stood there facing off for a brief moment, trying to size each other up, before I quickly looked back at my still sleeping friend and refocused just in time to catch the axe before it caught up to me. Slipping under the axe's range and getting a firm grasp on its hilt, I stole it from his hands and threw it across the path.
This really made him mad.
His eyes became fueled with a burning hatred as he reached out to grapple me to the ground. There was no way I could avoid this one. I was pinned down as he kept trying to strangle me, and I was quickly losing the strength left to fight. I let out one last raspy breath before closing my eyes, prepared to take anything that was coming for me when I felt a sudden force knock the weight off of my chest.
Air, oh how I've missed it though it's only been seconds!" I internally triumphed to myself before opening my eyes to see a dream being laid out before me. I saw the bright yellow suit, gas tanks, and mask, and that was when I knew, he was going to live.

Torcher threw himself into Doggy's side and knocked the wind out of him. Suddenly switching out his fists for his flamethrower, the mere sight of it was enough to scare the bejesus out of the dog. He yelped and squirmed as Torcher let out a fearsome fire blast to scare him away, not likely to return. Before running off , Doggy grabbed his axe, turned around and whimpered before running. I almost felt sad for him, but I was too overjoyed that Torcher was awake and active despite his injuries.

-Torcher's POV-

I had woken up in a strange cabin and heard the noise of fighting going on outside. Seeing that the top of my suit had been undone, I quickly fixed it, unknowing of who had done so and grabbed my flamethrower. Stepping outside, I saw Soldier being choked to death by a fearsome looking dog.

No one is going to hurt my comrades.

I took a running start towards them and rammed the dog off, practically sending him flying before he hit the wooden fence. Rushing forwards to take him out, I'd make sure he'd have a scar he'd never forget. Before I had the chance though, the dog squirmed and I ended up burning the ground beside him as he pushed me off. Doggy ran to grab his axe and slowly looked back towards me with a look of pure terror. He was gone now, and wouldn't be coming back. I'd make sure of it.
Realizing this wasn't over, I hurriedly crawled back over towards Soldier where he was lying, sitting him upright.
Before fully blacking out, Soldier looked to me with a soft smile and said, "Glad to see you're back..." and closed his eyes.
"I'm sorry I couldn't protect you," he continued. "I swore I would, but it turned out to be the other way around..."
"Shush! It's alright, and besides, you did your best... Get some rest, you deserve it," Torcher reassured him.

"No one can hurt you now... we both survived and I won't let that change."

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