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It's Me 『Torcher x Soldier』 by KeenCa
It's Me 『Torcher x Soldier』by Tired
Torcher never liked Soldier. He always got on his nerves seeing he kept getting in trouble and having to see him in his office almost everyday. One day Torcher was doin...
interrupted|the silver paw||1,2K READS!!! TYSM!!! by official_biancawjang
interrupted|the silver paw||1,2K R...by 🍂willow tree🍂
After Ashleigh got sucked into Book 2, Chapter 2 by accident, she immediately fell for Willow, even if she doesn't belong to the gaming world. She even discovers some my...
Prison Break [Willow x Reader] by ClownytheClown
Prison Break [Willow x Reader]by 💙ℂ𝕝𝕠𝕨𝕟𝕪💙
You are one of the most dangerous criminals in the city, but one day you get arrested. You meet a raccoon in jail, and you start to develop a small crush on his boss.
Zizzy X Reader: Apocalypse of the Infected by Red_Is_Not_Sus
Zizzy X Reader: Apocalypse of the...by RedNotSus
As you've been hired as a police officer. Your chief has given you a file of a missing child, named "George Pig". As you've stumbled to where George's last loc...
Fat Toys by feederfantasy
Fat Toysby Isaac
In which people are sold to a private club were they are used as sex toys...
Piggy one-shots (May Include lemons) by Pinkelectric
Piggy one-shots (May Include lemon...by BubbleTea♥︎
Hello! I might sometimes make some fan art for these chapters / Ships You can suggest ships and choose from fluff and lemons Have fun with this book!
Angela's New Life by futureauthor2003
Angela's New Lifeby futureauthor2003
An overweight woman goes to the doctor and her life is changed forever.
make a deal with the devil?  by icantfocuz345
make a deal with the devil? by Gema Snicket
a arousing story about a young cat girl suddenly kidnapped by a she-devil, who knows of the devils plan some say its rather stomach churning 😉
Piggy x Reader Oneshots+Headcanons! by HYRW9092
Piggy x Reader Oneshots+Headcanons!by Orphan_Gun
Just what the title says :p btw I'll use different pronouns/genders/sexs for the Reader but I'll mainly use Non-binary AKA They/Them. LGBTQ+ will be featured in this boo...
The Princess And The Piggy by ssbbw_fatfiction
The Princess And The Piggyby ssbbw_fatfiction
When a rich, and very obese girl, (Alice) decided she's packed on too many pounds, her mother and her cook up a scheme to make Alice lose weight secretly, trying not to...
~The Untold Story~ A Piggy Re-telling by ohlookitsariii
~The Untold Story~ A Piggy Re-tell...by Ari :)
So we all know what happens in the original Piggy game on Roblox. The thrilling and apocalyptic world we now live in due to an accident made by a scientist potato- But w...
Piggy X Reader (ROBLOX) [DISCONTINUED] by AzureIsAshamed
Piggy X Reader (ROBLOX) [DISCONTIN...by Call me Azure, would ya?
This is being discontinued, feel free to check my other roblox stories coming soon.
Piggy x Reader by BIG_HECK
Piggy x Readerby hagakure fangirl
**THIS IS A JOKE AND IS NOT MEANT TO BE TAKEN SERIOUSLY, I DO NOT HAVE A CRUSH ON PIGGY XD** You are a cop searching for the young pig by the name of George, as you and...
Piggy After The End (The sequel of Piggy) |+Plus Ask or Dare| SLOW UPDATES by GirlFnafTvwriter
Piggy After The End (The sequel of...by Girlfnaftv
Pls note that this is a 10+ story. This book contains Mild Cartoon Violence (suitable for kids I believe) and a little bit of gay (just a tiny bit). This is also connect...
Feederism Storys by kinkystuffed
Feederism Storysby kinkystuffed
Long story's about weight gain!
PIGGY  ONE SHOTS UwU 18+ by Ashley_Animations
PIGGY ONE SHOTS UwU 18+by Ashley_Animations
Any ships allowed Except for- willow x rash. Badgey x Poley. Pandy x poley. Zee x Zuzy. Zack x Zizzy
MHA reacts to ships,memes And Etc! by MidnightDonutFox
MHA reacts to ships,memes And Etc!by 『フックヂMidnightFox』
So uh- I do not own the picture used in the cover so be aware of that- uh- ---- WARNINGS: ●Straight ships(more likely ones you possibly dislike) ●Very very very much of...