Soldier x Torcher: How it Started

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Author's Note:
I felt that how these two feel about each other in my writing was a bit unclear or needed to be smoothed out, so hopefully this helps a little. This is a side chapter when Soldier and Torcher first met.

The sun was shining with a blinding light and the new soldier looked around nervously. He was new to the team and was quite intimidated by their huge base that they called "The Outpost". Having just been moved in, it was now time to start talking with the others and getting acquainted. Unfortunately, though, he was a bit shy and scared when it came to meeting people for the first time.
"Great, now what am I going to do?" he said, feeling disappointed in himself.
Suddenly, his barrack's door swung wide open to reveal a scruffy-looking, gray wolf.
"Jacob?" the new soldier said.
"Didn't think I'd leave you alone on your first few days, did ya?" Jacob said with a smile.
Jacob was the one to show Soldier where he was staying and show him around a bit. Being overly nervous in this new environment, Soldier felt very clingy to him, barely ever wanting to be apart for even a few seconds.
"Sort of, yeah..." Soldier sighed awkwardly.
"Come, I'll introduce you to everyone."
"Sounds good cause I'd really need help with that."
"Haha! Don't be nervous! Everyone here is really nice, so don't you worry about a thing."
And they were off.


After showing Soldier around a little bit, the two went towards the meeting room. Everyone was laughing and chatting with one another as Jacob led Soldier to the front of the room. He was feeling beyond nervous by that point, starting to feel the urge to just bolt out of the room and never come back. Jacob cleared his throat, directing everyone's attention to him.
"Hello, everyone! I called you for this meeting today to introduce you to a new recruit. A new soldier."
"H-Hello..." Soldier said with a slight wave.
For a moment everyone was quiet, all until they broke into a loud cheer. They were overjoyed to have a new rookie with them.
"Welcome to the team, mate!"
"How's it goin?"
"Welcome aboard, rookie!"
Soldier started to smile a bit, then broke into a full-on grin.
"See? I told you there was nothing to be afraid of." Jacob said, grinning himself.


After the meeting ended, Soldier was pulled to the side. It was one of the other soldiers.
"Congrats on making it in, rookie!"
"T-thank you."
"Y'know, despite your slight social-awkwardness, I like you, kid."
Then, he took Soldier by the hand and turned back to him.
"Now, come on! I have someone I want you to meet."
Soldier followed him, all the way up to the catwalk.
"Hurry, hurry! It's not much further."
"Alright." he said, still feeling a little tired.
Once they rounded the corner, Soldier looked down to see the staircase for the supplies room, also where they put their extra clothing. Instead of going down there, though, he was led past the entrance and right up against the wall.
Sitting on a wooden bench was another soldier but in a yellow suit and wearing a mask. They were cleaning off their flamethrower with a wet towel and looked up to meet the two.
"Hey, Torcher! Did you hear, we got a new rookie?"
They shook their head.
"Look! This is our newest recruit!" he said.
He gave Soldier a reassuring nudge and smiled.
"Hi." Soldier said, not sure what else to say.
"I'll leave you two alone for a little while." he said, walking down the stairs.
Soldier almost panicked and pleaded for him to come back, but he held his composure, watching him slowly descend the stairs. Once he was sure that he was gone, Soldier looked back up to meet the Torcher's gaze and what happened next shocked him.
"Nice weather we're having, today, huh?"
He was so tempted to face palm once he realized he had actually said that. Soldier looked down at his boots, feeling like a nervous wreck but looked back up just in time to see the mask come off. Torcher just by himself was intimidating with his mask on, but once he took it off, Soldier immediately relaxed and calmed himself down.
"Welcome." said Torcher, smiling warmly and setting his mask to the side.
He was a pig as well but had bright blue eyes unlike the golds and ambers the others did. Soldier couldn't help but blush a little just looking at him.
"Thank you..." he said, trying to keep his blush from showing.
Even though Torcher looked mostly the same as the rest, he had the kind of presence and spirit that makes you want to stay by his side and protect him forever. Soldier was already feeling it.
"Come, sit down with me." He said, leading Soldier to the bench.
As they sat down, the warm, Summer breeze started to pick up making Torcher take off his hat as well and place it to the side.
"It really is a nice place to be, isn't it?"
"Don't be too stressed about our actual job description. Everything is a lot better once you know what you're doing."
Soldier nodded in response, taking in the sunset in all of its beauty. Then, they stayed quiet for a while, just watching the fluffy clouds drift by.
"We should probably get going. It's about time to retire for the night, ain't it?" Torcher said, breaking the silence.
"Sure, I'll follow you." and after that, they went down and into their barracks.


After a while, the two started hanging out more and more often. They became good friends, but underneath that friendship held hidden feelings. Over time, they started developing romantic attractions towards one another and would always have an eye out for each other. Their bond was unbreakable and could only grow stronger each every time they looked at each other. Neither having the strength to share their true feelings, they instead decided to protect each other with their lives.

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