PART 4: Maid of Horror - Chapter 3

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Maid of Honour's log, still day six

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Maid of Honour's log, still day six. Of course it's still day six. This day is never – going – to – end. The living room is still carnage. Stomach grumbling, laptop getting low on power. Headache now probably due to a lack of caffeine this morning. The groom has texted to check in because he's not heard from Kim. Have ignored him.

Right now, Kim's taking a nap. Or at least, that's what she told Lucy and Addison. I think it's pretty convenient timing, given that I'm just taking my lunch break. But – in fairness, I wouldn't be surprised if she is just exhausted.

It's been a long week, for all of us.

(Have I mentioned that yet? I don't feel like I've mentioned it enough.)

Addison takes the opportunity to go out on the balcony for a little privacy to call her mom, now it's late enough over here for America to have started waking up. Lucy asks if I want her to plug in my laptop to charge, and then folds herself into the corner of the sofa to quietly go back to reading something on her iPad.

I fix myself a quick sandwich, looking at the dwindling supplies in the fridge and the growing pile of rubbish in the bin. We're definitely going to need to send Jeremy on another food shop run, if we've got three days left to go of lockdown.

If we're allowed to even mention Jeremy's name in this flat anymore...

Maybe I'll get Lucy to sort it out. Her brother lives in this building somewhere, too. Jeremy might need to drop some extra food off for him and his girlfriend, while he's helping us out.

I take my sandwich into the living room, eating as I go, and survey the damage.

I should've known the prosecco was a terrible idea last night. We'd all been getting a little stir-crazy, and some drinks, a noughties pop playlist, and finishing putting together the centrepieces for the wedding had seemed like a great distraction...


Which it had been, until we were on the third and final bottle and Addison had the not-so-bright idea of suggesting the Artic Monkeys song playing I'd just put on should make the wedding playlist, which obviously got Kim talking about the wedding playlist and the dorky dance Jeremy and his three groomsmen were planning.

She complained about it vehemently... but she still bounced up from the floor and dragged Lucy to her feet, getting her to join in recreating the dance since they'd both seen the guys practicing, giggling over the whole thing.

She flipped like that. So quick none of us saw it coming.

At first, we all thought she was just in hysterics... then we realised she wasn't laughing anymore, but crying. She collapsed in a flood of tears, lamenting the wedding playlist and then saying, "But what if the band cancel on us? Because of all this?"

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