PART 4: Maid of Horror - Chapter 2

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Maid of Honour's log, still day six

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Maid of Honour's log, still day six. Bride is now locked in the bathroom wailing, being consoled by 'Addy'. I have been banished slash elected to remove myself from the situation, and have retreated to the balcony. 'Mistakes have been made' is putting it lightly. And this time, I can't blame it on too much prosecco.

The balcony door slides open and I look up to see a face pop out.

"Hey," Lucy says softly.


She hesitates, as if waiting for me to tell her to go away; when I don't, she steps outside, closes the door behind me, and takes a seat on the other cheap folding wooden chair. Lucy's still in her pyjamas, a cute matching pink cotton set. Her short dark hair is hanging limp and in need of a wash around her face.

"They still in there?" I ask, jerking my head back towards the flat as though if I listen closely enough, I actually can't hear Kim's high-pitched, hysterical voice.

"Yup." Lucy wriggles in her seat. "I really need to pee, but I don't want to interrupt that whole thing..."

I don't blame her, really.

"Sorry we woke you up," I tell her. Lucy had been sleeping pretty soundly until Kim caught me talking to Addison and started sobbing again, too distraught to listen to anything I had to say for myself.

"That's okay. She's really upset, huh?"

I've only met Lucy maybe two or three times before this weekend and she always struck me as so polite, so grounded and reserved. And yet, this is so obviously her way of angling for gossip; even if I do believe the concern lacing her words is genuine.

I tell her what I said in the kitchen maybe ten, fifteen minutes ago, and Lucy winces.

"I know she... overreacted last night," Lucy says carefully, almost looking scared that Kim might overhear her, too. "And this morning. And she really went over the line, talking about... about you..."

"Yeah," I agree. "She did."

"But I think maybe she was still a little too delicate to hear that stuff about the wedding again."

I half want to vent to her about it all, how unfair Kim's being, how stressful this whole week is being on all of us and just because she's the one who's meant to be getting married soon doesn't mean she gets a monopoly on being sad and angry about things... But maybe Kim's future sister-in-law isn't the best audience.

So instead, I say, "Did you know Jeremy told her they might have to postpone it? I think that's why she's so mad at me for saying it, because he's not here for her to talk it out with him."

Lucy grimaces, with an audible moan. "Oh, shit. That... That might kind of be my fault."


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