Part 1: Getting to Know You - Chapter 2

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I trudge slowly, begrudgingly, back up the stairs

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I trudge slowly, begrudgingly, back up the stairs. My shoes pinch my toes, so I take them off, slinging the straps over my index finger to carry them.

What the hell am I supposed to do now?


I know exactly what I'm supposed to do now.

But, still, I hope for the teeniest bit of luck this morning, and jiggle the handle for Flat Number 14.



I run my tongue over my teeth, weighing up my options, and finally sit down on the floor, my back against the door, and press my hands over my face.

This is what I get for ignoring all the advice.

Not so much the 'stay home' stuff (although that too), as much as the 'You're not in uni anymore, Immy, stop acting like it' advice – from my parents, my friends, my boss, hell, even my little brother.

I do exactly what I would've done back in uni, though, and I phone my bestie.

Lucy answers with a curt, "What have you done this time?"

"Heeeeeey, Luce..."

"How much do you need, Immy?"

"What makes you think I need money? What makes you think I've done anything?" I ask, with mock offence, clutching a hand to my heart for dramatic effect even though she can't see me. And even though I can't see her, I absolutely know she's rolling her eyes when she gives that long, quiet sigh. "Although, alright, I am... I am in the littlest spot of bother."

"Did you forget to cancel a free trial?"

Lucy's used to my shit enough by now that she knows how melodramatic I can be over something like that – melodramatic enough to warrant an early-morning phone call like this.

But, alas.

I grimace, and bite my thumbnail. "Remember that guy I told you I matched with, who I've been talking to all week? Honeypot guy?"


Quickly, the words almost running entirely into one, I blurt out, "I kind of came to his place last night and sort of stayed the night and now I might be stuck quarantined in his building and I only have the one pair of knickers and I didn't even bring a toothbrush with me."

There's quiet on the other end of the line, which I'm fairly used to when I make these kind of calls to Lucy, but this one goes on for longer than usual, which makes me feel properly nervous.

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