PART 6: Chapter 3 - Serena

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"I just cannot believe you wouldn't tell me," I sigh, but it turns into a disbelieving laugh as I shake my head and sigh, completely exasperated

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"I just cannot believe you wouldn't tell me," I sigh, but it turns into a disbelieving laugh as I shake my head and sigh, completely exasperated. "And Lucy! I would never have expected this from Lucy."

Zach cringes, still looking apologetic. "It was Lucy's idea. We thought... She thought," he corrects himself, "it'd be best. Kim was already feeling bad about not including you in the wedding party. They didn't want you to feel left out."

"Zach," I say, pressing my palms together, half-smiling as I look up at him from my spot on the edge of the bed, "believe me, I could not be happier to have not been included in a weekend of putting together wedding favours and centrepieces. I just can't believe you guys wouldn't tell me she was in the building. Or that Jeremy bloody came by and didn't bring us any food! We could've got him to do it, instead of sending Laura out for us. I can't be that much of a bitch, can I?"

He gives me a fond smile. "You're not a bitch, Serena."

"Wow, that is a turnaround from your attitude a few days ago. Well done us! Communicating, clearing the air!"

"From the sounds of it, just as well you weren't there. Kim went off on one."

"Oh, yeah, I know. Lucy told me that part. Apparently she outed the maid of honour, too. Even though we all already know Liv's gay."

Zach blinks at me, owlish through his glasses. "Wait, what?"

My stomach lurches.

"Oh my God, please tell me you already knew that."

He looks at me, lips parted, eyebrows knit together, and I let out an awkward, breathy groan, grimacing, because wow, I did not just out the poor girl as well...

And then Zach grins, winking at me. "Course I bloody knew."

I lean off the bed, reaching to swat at his arm as he laughs. "Don't do that! You bloody tease."

He pushes me back playfully, and as I settle back onto the bed, he goes back to looking through the wardrobe, picking out another shirt and folding it up carefully, smoothing it out before placing it into his bag.

It's just a couple of weeks, I remind myself, watching him.

It's... for the best.

We were up all night on Wednesday, talking. It was four in the morning before we fell asleep, both of us so tired we slept on top of the covers on the bed, side by side and not even having changed into our pyjamas.

I guess, to be fair to Zach, my explosion on the weekend did come kind of out of nowhere... But he didn't argue with the fact that he should have his own opinions on what he wanted our future to look like, and that it was fair for me to expect that from him.

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