PART 2: The Honeymooners - Chapter 1

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Part two is here! Thank you SO MUCH to all of you who've been enjoying the story so far and have left comments (I've been reading them all!) - it's the absolute best feeling to see how much people like this book. I genuinely can't believe this has already almost hit 20,000 reads. Hope you enjoy this next part, too!

 Hope you enjoy this next part, too!

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"So this is..."


"Just a bit. And..."



We share a nervous laugh, Danny looking relieved that I'm on the same page as him, and not totally loving every second of being shut up in my flat with him.

Actually, he's...

He's kind of getting on my nerves.

I must be getting on his, too, though, and that's exactly why we're sat at my dining table, mapping out our schedules for the week and a chore rota.

Danny had wanted to come to stay the weekend, and the idea that I soon might not be able to see him for weeks, or even months, had been scary enough that I'd caved as soon as he suggested it.

And, hey, can you blame me? Our relationship is still so new. What if he forgot all about me? What if the easy conversation and cute dates didn't translate into drinks over Zoom and texts? What if Danny lost interest? What if I lost interest? He was so perfect that we'd even already met each other's parents... but if we were stuck not able to see each other for who knew how long, that could all change like that.

So obviously he should come over and of course we should spend the weekend together.

And really, the first couple of days were fine.

Scratch that: they were blissful. They were everything they should have been. We played Monopoly and watched some John Hughes movies on Netflix and baked banana bread together.

Even after we saw the note about having to stay inside for the week, our cosy little bubble didn't burst. It was the weekend, Danny had only been there a day, and everything felt kind of normal. It was fun, and cute, and who wouldn't want to spend extra time with their new boyfriend? We'd spent most of Sunday cuddled up in bed, not getting up until well into the afternoon.

Like I said: blissful.

It was all exactly the way it should be, spending a couple of days with a new boyfriend.

It started going downhill when we put in an order for some food. I'd gone onto Hello Fresh, which Danny thought was, quote

"...straight-up batshit crazy, Isla. Just go on Asda or something. You can order all the same stuff but so much cheaper."

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