PART 6: Chapter 2 - Isla

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"So this is

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"So this is..."

"Weird, right? And..."

"Totally crazy?"

Danny laughs, looking a little relieved that I'm on the same page – but mostly, excited. "Abso-fucking-lutely."

My heart is beating fast, but I can't stop smiling. This is crazy. I must be crazy for even suggesting it; and Danny must be crazy for agreeing to go along with it. A week of total isolation from the rest of the world has driven us both bonkers.

It's the only explanation for it.

Why else would we be agreeing to move in together for the foreseeable future, after only dating for a few weeks?

Definitely, definitely crazy.

Danny was slow to get his things together this morning, and I could sense his hesitation. Finally, he asked me when I thought we'd see each other next. The guidance had gotten a lot stricter in the last week, so now we were definitely looking at spending the next several weeks apart.

I'd been dreading this.

Tricky as it's been this week, we made it work. We'd figured out how to be considerate of each other when we were working, and gotten used to being around each other all the time.

It's been intense, and it hasn't been easy by any means – but it has felt so worth it.

I'd joked to my mum that I understood what they meant on Love Island, when they said a day in the villa was like a week in the outside world.

I feel like Danny and I have gotten to know so much more about each other this last week, so much faster than we might have done otherwise; and he'd told me that he thought the same thing. How else would I have known he brushes his teeth after breakfast (while I brush mine before) or that he folds his boxers so precisely after they've gone through the laundry, or that he likes re-watching old Trevor Noah videos for a quick distraction from work when he's getting stressed over something?

I've liked having Danny around. We've gotten comfortable around each other so quickly, and I'd known I'd miss him once he wasn't around when lockdown on the building lifted.

So when he asked when we'd see each other next, I'd said quietly, "I don't know," and he'd said, "Yeah. It's weird, isn't it? I'm – I'm going to miss you, Isla, a lot."

And then I'd been staring at him and thinking how bloody handsome he was and how much fun this last week had been, and how much more difficult it would be for us to keep our new relationship going if we couldn't see each other or really spend any time together, and he'd been looking at me like he was thinking the same thing, and...

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