PART 6: Chapter 5 - Ethan

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It's automatic, the way I roll over, my arm reaching out for Charlotte

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It's automatic, the way I roll over, my arm reaching out for Charlotte.

I jolt awake, remembering, and snatch up my phone. I just got a text message – that's what woke me up.

It's her.

Charlotte's text is just letting me know she's on her way back home now, and she'll see me soon. She adds some kissy face emojis and a string of Xs and Os. I rub the sleep out of my eyes with one hand, already texting back with the other to say I can't wait to see her.

I can't.

She's coming home.

I don't even care how needy and clingy I seem, if it makes me a loser or anything like that. None of that matters, because Charlotte is on her way home, and she said yes.

Fuck, I can't believe I'm engaged.

I can't believe she drove all the way here to tell me she'd seen the video, and to tell me 'yes'. I can't believe practically everyone in the damn building came out to witness it.

Well, I guess I wanted some iconic, unforgettable proposal...

I set my phone back down and get up, kicking the sheets to the bottom of the bed and stretching, then grabbing up my glasses. I make my way to the kitchen before correcting my routine, taking a shower first instead.

Charlotte's not going to be here for a couple of hours, and it's not like any of this should be a big deal, but it is. Once I'm dressed, I head out – out for the first time in days, beyond the balcony, a shopping list ready on my phone. Maybe the way I'd planned to propose didn't go exactly the way I wanted it to, but I still want to make this special for her, as much as I can. I end up filling the cart with a few extras: some chocolate chip cookies fresh from the bakery I know she likes, smoked salmon, eggs and an avocado so I can make her a fancy breakfast tomorrow... I stop by the booze aisle, reaching for a bottle of prosecco before catching myself, and grabbing a Möet and Chandon, with wild abandon.

It's not like extra-special champagne can spoil the surprise now, right?

It's a long walk home, and I probably shouldn't have gone so overboard. It's hot out today, and between that, the weight of the shopping, and the fact that I'm not exactly what you'd call athletically inclined, I need another shower by the time I get back.

I spend some time trying to tame my hair, even though it's a fairly useless effort.

There's a bruise on my forehead where I fell off the sofa the other night. That's going to look great in the selfies I know Charlotte will want to take, I think, grimacing.

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