"I love you too" His face looks shocked, as if he wasn't expecting a reply.

He pulls me in for a hug and places his chin on my head, we break apart as the door bell rings.

"I'll get it, it's probably my mom" I say skipping to the door.

I open it to see a girl about my age. She had jet black hair, pale skin and green eyes, she was beautiful.

"Hi" I say smiling.

"Um, hey, is Cameron here?" She shyly asks.

"Yup, Cameron it's for you" I yell inside the house.

Cameron comes up behind me and suddenly stops when he sees who's there.

"Olivia? You're back?" Cameron says, sounding shocked.

"Yup, I'm back for good, I've missed you so much!" She said running into his arms.

I stand their awkwardly watching them hug. I decide to break the awkwardness by coughing, reminding them I'm there.

They instantly pull away from the hug and Cameron looks at me with confused eyes.

"Oh, Kiara, this is my ex girlfriend, she moved away a year ago, we broke up because we knew long distance wouldn't work, she's back! Isn't that amazing!" He says smiling.

"Great" I sarcastically say, I walk away from them, leaving them in their conversation. I walk up to Camerons room and go on my phone.

I decide to text my mom.

To mom : Don't  bother bringing my stuff, I'm not really ready to move out, love you xx.

I get an instant reply.

From mom<3 : Okay darling, tell me what happened later xx.

It's been about an hour since I came upstairs and things were quiet so I decided to go downstairs to get a "drink".

I walk into the kitchen and grab a can of coke, I walk into the front room and join Cameron and Olivia.

They both sat on the same sofa cuddling, I sat in the chair awkwardly.

"Cameron I'm gonna go home" I say getting up.

"Why? Please stay" 

"No, it's obvious you're busy, oh and by the way, I'm not gonna stay here anymore, sorry"

"What, why not?" He says getting up.

"I'm not ready to move in yet" I say setting my coke down.

"Oh, ok" He says with a frown, before cuddling with Olivia again.

"Why dont you just ask her to stay with you, she's already basically taken you soo"I say, immediately regretting it. My face turns bright red and I put my hands up to my mouth.

Cameron's jaw is basically touching the floor.

I run upstairs, grab my phone and all my stuff and run out of the door.

I get into my car and just sit there thinking.

I fucked up

Is all that's going through my head.

I start to drive away, pushing all my thoughts back.

As I'm driving my phone starts ringing, I look over to see it's Cameron, I ignore it and focus on driving again.

I pulled up to my drive and just sat in my car for abit. I sorted myself out, wiped my mascara from under my eyes and then got out.

I knocked on my door and as soon as I saw my mom I hugged her.

"Tell me everything" She says, she can always tell when I'm upset.

We both walk to the sofa and sit down, she quickly gets up and comes back with ice cream and two spoons.

"Okay, well, I was with Cameron this morning , and we were having fun , and he said he loves me for the first time and I said it back, then the door knocked so I got it , expecting it to be you but it wasnt. It was his ex girlfriend.They spent the whole afternoon together, completely forgetting I was there. I kinda got mad and said that she should live with him instead of me because she's already taken him. It's a dumb thing to get mad over,  I was stupid and I fucked up"

"You have a right to be upset, when an ex girlfriend comes and they broke up because they had to, not because they wanted to there's obviously gonna be trouble" My mom says

"Thanks for the help" I laugh

"Youre welcome, what you need to do is talk to him and confront him on how you feel, He'll probably spend time with her because he missed her, he'll soon forget about her and come crawling back to you" She says smiling.

I nod and then walk up to my room, I decide to text him.

To Cam <3 : I'm sorry about earlier, I was out of order.

I waited for about 5 minutes until I got a reply.

From Cam <3 : No, I'm sorry, I shouldn't have ditched you for her. She's gonna stay at mine for a while until all of her stuff is sorted in her new house, hope you don't mind.

To Cam <3 : Sure, just promise me you won't do anything.

From Cam <3 : You can trust me.

Can I trust him though?

A/N sorry for the long chapter!! I kinda edited it so Kiara only has a sister

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