Chapter 4

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*Kiara pov*

Today Nash is going back to North Carolina for abit, the only reason he was in LA was because his family was staying in their holiday home that they have over here.

He's staying in NC for a month and Camerons bummed about it. So i decided that today I'd go round to Camerons once he's said his goodbyes to Nash.

I check the time to see it's 10am, Nash would have probably  left by now so I got up and got changed.

I wore a black and white stripey bralette type thing with high wasted skinny jeans that were ripped at the knee, I put on my black timerberlands to match. For makeup  I wore only mascara and I tied my hair half up half down

I walk downstairs and get some yogurt, playing on my phone as I eat.

"Why are you dressed so nice" I ask Amelia who walks in with a dress on and her hair curled.

"A date" She says blushing.

"Hmmm. those are my shoes" I say pointing to the heels she's wearing.

"Oh about that" She says as she runs off.

I just laugh at her and go back to my food.

Cam<3 : Come round whenever you want baby x

Me: On my way now x

I get up and put my pot in the bin. I grab my keys, some money, my phone and my leather jacket.

I walk outside and get into my car, putting my leather jacket on the passenger seat, my phone in the aux chord and starting to drive.

The ride is about 20 minutes so not too long.

I park my car up and get out. I knock on the door to Cams apartment and he immidiatly answers.

"Hey" He says holding the door, gesturing for me to come in.

"Sup" I say as I walk in.

We both walk into the kitchen and I sit at the stool where as he stands.

"You okay, now Nash has gone and you have no one to live with " I say with my bottom lip sticking out.

"I wish you could live here" He says smiling.

"Ummmmmm, sorry , no , haha, I mean I would if we were dating but we're not"

"Hmmmm, I could change that" He says before running upstairs.

"Where you going?"


I walk up the stairs, looking out for whatever he's doing.

I open the door to his room and stop as soon as I look in.

"Kiara, will you be my girlfriend" Cam says with a douzen roses held out for me.

"Of course!" I shout as I run up and hug him.


The room was full of rose petals everywhere, there was chocolates and other foods on the bed, along with the douzen roses, it was amazing.

"You're so sweet" I say into his neck.

"I know, I'm the best" He jokes. "Does this mean you'll stay here?"
"I'll think about it" I say winking

We both sit on the bed, talking for a while until suddenly, his lips crash against mine.

Before I know it , it turns into a full on makeout session.

I go on top of his lap, one leg either side. One of his hands are on my butt, the other in my hair.

Both of my hands are around his neck.

I feel his hand slowly creep up my top. I let it happen but nothing else.

Around 5 minutes later we stop to breath.

"Wow" He mutters under his breath.

"Most guys have that reaction" I joke.

He playfully hits me as we both get up.

"Can we get food" Cam moans.

"Lets make some" I suggest.

We nod and walk downstairs.

I go to the cupboards and find ingredients to make pastry, I go to the fridge and find some berries.

"Guess what we're makinggg" I say as I shake the ingrediants for him to see.

"Ummmmm, chicken" He says sarcastically.

I set all the ingrediants out and start cooking the pie, Cam kinda just takes pictures of me instead of helping.

I put the dish in the oven and sit next to Cam whilst I wait for it to bake.

He flicks through the picture he took and shows me them.

"You're so cute" He says putting flour on my nose.

"Oh you wanna play that game" I put flower on his cheeks so they look like the war paint.

He gets the flower and pours it all over me.

"CAMERON DALLAS!" I yell as I throw it on him.

"I'm sorry bae" He says as he pulls my hips closer to his so they're touching.

He places his lips on me but is stopped by the oven beeping.

I move away from him and get the food out.

We decide to eat it later because neither of us are hungry. "I should shower" Cameron says.

I nod and he runs up stairs.

I clear up the kitchen and then go into the other bathroom. I look in the mirror and there is flour everywhere.

I decide to get in the shower, Cam wouldn't mind. I undress and then get in.

I wash my hair off and wipe the water from my eyes , I hear the door open so I turn around and see Cam standing there.
Luckily it's got the glass where you can't properly see through it, he can only see my head clearly.
"I'm sorry, I came to get my hair gel, I didn't know you were in here" He says facing the other way.

"It's fine" I laugh and I get out and wrap a towel around me.

"You do have a good body though" He says winking.

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