Chapter 35

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I jumped in my seat when I heard the front door slam.

I got up to my my mom and Amelia.

" if you were grocery shopping where's your grocery bags?" I asked , my hands on hips.

" Well, we kind of went on a shopping spree " my mom started. " we know you've been having a really rough time,so we got you some stuff. And Cameron some get well soon presents " she finished with a huge smile.

I looked at them both funny before being lead into the front room.

Out of one of the bags my mom pulled out two boxes and handed them to me.

" Open them!" My mom said clapping from excitement,

I sighed before slowly opening the bigger box. It was kinda like a box a laptop would come in.

That's exactly what it was ! I opened it to reveal the new MacBook, I squealed in excitement.

" MOM! You shouldn't have. I really can't keep this" I sighed.

" oh don't be silly! Consider it a really early Christmas presents, besides you'll need it when you go to college!" She said. Making me wanna cry at the word college. I was dreading it.

I laughed before opening the other box, it was my very own canon camera!

" I know your friends all make YouTube videos so you should too, it would be a fun hobby " my mom said smiling.

I smiled at her before embracing her in a hug , " thank Amelia , she chose them " she said smiling.

" aw my baby sis " I said attacking Amelia with a hug, she kinda just awkwardly sat there .

" for Cameron we got him a picture of you two together and other little bits he might need " my mom said smiling.

" I'll take them to the hospital later, but now I have an idea. Let's make a video ! It can be my first one featuring my two favourite people" I smiled.


After I set up my new camera, using books as a tri pod, me, my mom and Amelia sat infront of it.

" Hey guys! I'm Kiara and for my first ever video, I have two special guests" I said , my mom and Amelia popping up then.

" This is my amazing mom and annoying little sister " I said whilst putting my arm around both if their shoulders. Amelia just scoffed.

" Hello!" My mom chimed.

" Ugh, hi. I'm the prettier sister " Amelia said full of attitude.

" Amelia, stop lying to yourself. Anyway , today I'm gonna test these two on Internet slang to see if they know what it means, so let's start " I said smiling.

" okay, first one. What does h m u stand for?" I asked.

" Um, huge men uggs?" My mom asked, causing me to burst out laughing.

" isn't it hit me up?" Amelia asked and I nodded.

After doing about another 9 I finished of the video.

" thankyou for watching, be sure to check back every week for a new video! I will link all my social media in the description. Like, comment and subscribe! Bye " I said before ending the video.

" okay, I'll edit this now and upload it tomorrow " I said smiling to myself. Amelia and mom had left the room already.

I decide to make a tweet about it,

Kiaraxo : guys! Be sure to subscribe to my new YouTube channel, I'll be posting my new video tomorrow ft my lil sis and la madre. The link to my accounts in my bio!

After about 10 minutes I had over 400 retweets, including all of the boys!

I was so excited to start YouTube.

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