Chapter 27

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FIRST OF ALL CAN I SAY THANKYOU FOR 14K WTF I NEVER THOUGHT I WOULD COME SO FAR, I started writing fanfics just for fun but now I do it for you guys, it truly feels amazing that do many people read my stories. Ily all

I dragged Dylan into the market , eager to see what was there.

The place was full of stalls all full of different things.

I looked to my right and saw a stall selling phone cases.

"Dylan, I am in love " I said going and picking up a case that was bright pink and had tom ford on the bottom, it was like a tom ford case but fake. Tbh it looked real af.

" look, it's only €5, I'll buy it" Dylan said, and before I could argue and force him not to buy it he was with the man paying.

" THANKYOU" I said giving him a kiss on the cheek before placing the case on my phone. We walked around for about three hours before we grew hungry. We came across a kebab restaurant.

We walked in and waited to be seated, we were then sat in a booth that was all black, I sat opposite Dylan.

" hello, speak English or Turkish?" A lady who worked here asked.

" um English," I smiled.

" here are your menus, can I take your order for drinks?" We told her what we wanted to drink and then she went and got them. When she came back she placed them infront of us and we ordered food. I got Donna meat kebab with Chips, I think that's what you call it, Dylan got the same but a large.

We finished off our meals and by the time we walked outside it was dark.
( pretend they were there for ages and the sun went down quick shhhhh)

"Wow" I said as my eyes met with the beautiful lights coming from the city which is about 10 minutes away but you can clearly see it from here.

" everything is beautiful " Dylan smiled.

I looked up at him and instantly our mouths collided.

We stood there kissing for a while until we were inturrupted by someone trying to sell us something.

" no thanks " I giggled and then we walked to the cab station.

We got back to the hotel and went up to Dylans room,

"What about your family? " I asked as we were walking up there.

" I have my own room down the hall from them" he smiled.

I nodded as we came up to the door.

We walked into his room and talked for a while before falling asleep.

What a good, cliche , but good day.

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