Chapter 43

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*1 month later*

We were finally aloud to take Tegan home 3 days ago, life is so  different with her.

Cameron hasn't talked to me or Nash since the day of Tegans birth, fucking shit dad. Nash has been with me every fucking day, yet he can't even call and see if we're okay?

What if Tegan didn't make it during birth, he would have to live with that on his shoulders. What if I died during labour? And that fucking prick wouldn't have even been there to watch me take my last breaths, what the fuck!

I push the thoughts to the back of my head and pick Tegan up out of her cot.

"She looks just like her beautiful mom" Nash said, looking at her over my shoulder.

"I would say she looks like her dad, but I haven't seen him for so long I think I forgot what he looks like."I exaggerated, causing me and Nash to giggle.

"It's cool, we'll be a happy family" He says, now facing me.

"Nash, I love you, like a brother. I'll never get over Cameron though" I sigh, causing Nash to giggle.

I gave him a confused look before he said " I know, and you're my sister. But I'm not gonna let my sister take care of a human being alone! You'll probably take her to partys and stuff, and I wont allow that. So I'll baby sit."

I smiled before shaking my head, damn I love Nash.

*5 years later*

I had moved to North Carolina 6 months ago, I decided I needed a fresh start. Me and Nash stopped talking a couple years back, we're okay now and I visit him sometimes.

"Tegan, hurry! You don't wanna be late for your first day of kindergarten" I said, watching as my 5 year old daughter struggled to put her shoes on. 

I offered to help but she refused, damn was she independent af.

Once she finally put her shoes on successfully she ran out to the car and I followed.

"Are you ready?" I asked her, we were now parked outside her new school.

"Yup mommy, can I go now?" She giggled eagerly.

"Of course, I have to walk you in though" I smiled.

I got out of the car and guided her inside the building, there were many kids saying goodbye to their parents and running off. Others were crying, not wanting to leave. Luckily Tegan was like the first category and ran off.

"Young mom too?" A lady that looked my age asked. She had bright blonde hair and blue eyes, she was gorgeous.

"Yeah, it's hard but worth it" I giggled.

"How old are you? I'm 24" She smiled.


"I'm sorry, I have to go, I have work in 20 minutes!" She said before rushing off.

I giggled to myself before walking to my car.

I sat in my car for a while, just taking note of all the parents.

There was another man that seemed quite young and familiar, it's probably noone I know though.

Today Nash was coming round mine to catch up so I got home as quick as possible.


"Kiara!!" Nash said, walking into my house.

"Nashty!" I smiled, embracing him in a hug.

"I missed you, how's Nashalin?" He asked. Even though he's known Tegan for 5 years he refuses to call her anything but 'Nashalin'.

"Tegan, is good thanks. It's her first day of kindergarten today, you can come with me to pick her up if you want?" I asked.

"Sure" He smiled.


"MOMMY, NASHY!" Tegan said, running into Nashs arms.

"Hey Nashalin"

"My name is Tegan uncle Nash!" She sassed.

"Damn, she's just like her mom" Nash smiled, only his smile suddenly dropped.

"Who's that lady?" He asked, pointing to the girl from this morning.

"I don't know, she's really nice though" I smiled.

"That's Ellie" He said, leaving me confused.... " The Ellie that Cameron cheated on with you before"

My smile dropped, I mean, it's in the past right? Her daughter did kinda look like Cameron.

"Who's that pretty man with her?" Tegan asked, pointing at a man with his back to us but facing Ellie.

He turned around and stopped dead in his tracks when he saw us.

"Cameron?" I muttered.


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