Chapter 33

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* 1 Week later *

It's been a whole week and Cameron hasn't shown any signs of progress, I also heard the doctor telling Nash they might switch of life support if he doesn't make an improvement soon.

I'm scared , really scared. I've never felt so lost and useless in my life.

I need Cameron, at least when I was mad with him I knew he was still there.

" i love you so damn much Cameron, I hope you know that " I whispered into his ear. Right now it was just me and him in the room , Nash went to get food.

"I love you too baby girl" I heard someone say in a hushed whisper.

I turned to Cameron with wide eyes , he had a massive grin on his face.

" are you awake or are you gonna fit on me again?" I asked in all seriousness.

" I don't think I'm gonna fit. So I'm awake" he said.

I let out a scream before carefully hugging him." I thought I'd lost you " I said laughing through the tears.

" you'll never loose me baby girl" he said smiling.

This was the happiest moment of my life.

" Let me go get the doctor" I said before running out of the room.

The doctor went in and I waited outside whilst he done a few tests.

" Kiara, it seems that the bleeding has fully stopped which is great news. He also is very lucky as he hasn't got any signs of brain damage. The only problem is that he may forget a few things, escpecially things from around 2 or more years ago." The doctor said.

I smiled and thanked him before going into his room again.

" You all good?" I asked when I sat with him.

" Yeah, I didn't think you'd be here. I thought you hated me" he said looking down at his hands.

" I just wanted space. But this whole thing has made me realise I can't live without you Cam. I need you , for fuck sake you're my everything " I said letting a tear out.

" you know, I heard everything you said. Until I came out if the coma during surgery I could hear everything, and feel your touch. I heard your whole big speech. If I was awake id probably hug you to death. I love you "

I didn't reply just engulfed him into another hug, being careful to not be too violent obviously.

" Kiara I'm ba- CAMERON YOURE AWAKE KIARA SHIT YOU COULDVE TOLD ME" Nash said whilst running up to Cameron.

They hugged eachother for ages and just sat there talking. We talked about all out memories and stuff.

Damn I ship cash more than I ship me with Cameron.

A/N it's short but it's important I guess

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