Chapter 20

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*2 weeks later*

I walk downstairs and go into the kitchen.

"I'm starting my diet today and I'm gonna stick to my diet" I mutter to myself as I go to the fridge.

I'm determined to get a hot body for when I go on holiday, which is in a month, I do online schooling so it doesn't affect anything, Amelia's gonna do online schooling for the time we're on holiday.

I pull out some fruit, strawberries, grapes , water melon, cantaloupe , blackberries , rasberries , mangos and apples. I take the mango , watermelon and cantaloupe and use my mini ice cream scoop to scoop out balls of them. I then put them in a large bowl, I wash my strawberries, blackberries, rasberries and grapes and then put them in the bowl, making sure to take the green thing off the strawberries. I then take my apple and special apple cutter and cut it. I put it in the bowl and then mix everything up, I take a smaller bowl and put some of the fruit into that before putter the large bowl back in the fridge, that's my lunch sorted for a week.

I sit at the kitchen counter and scroll through my phone whilst eating.

I get up and put my bowl in the sink before running upstairs.

I changed into a dark blue nike sports bra, black nike pros and just a black tank top over top, I put on my black nike roshe runs , I put my hair into two french braids , grab my phone and headphones before running downstairs.

"I'm going for a run" I shout to my mom who's in the living room, it's her day off.

I slam the door behind me and start running. I run about 2 miles before stopping at a park.

I sit on the swing and just admire the view, you could see the whole of la from up here. I took my phone out and took a picture of it. The sky was so blue, there were not a cloud anywhere.

I felt someone tap on my shoulder, causing me to turn around, my eyes met the chocolate brown eyes I love, loved, Kiara, loved, gosh gurl get yoself together.

"Hi?" I asked confused whilst taking my headphones out.

"You come here too?" Cameron asked, sitting next to me.

"No, I just found it" I said not making eye contact.

"I got you this" He said handing me a small box.

"Cameron. you shouldn't have, I can't take this" I say opening it to reveal 3 mac lipsticks, one dark red, another a dark purple/red and the last an almost black, I liked statement lipsticks.

" I want you to, it proves how much I love you" I just stare at him.

"Oh, so you think just because you got me a present I'll get back with you?" I say standing up.

"Well, yeah" He said rubbing the back of his neck.

"Pathetic " I said as I ran off, I ran around the corner until I realized I still had the lipsticks in my hand, I got back to the park to see he was gone, I sighed and carried on home.


I got back and chucked my shoes on the floor before running to my room. My phone buzzed so I checked it.

From Kristen ;) : Party at mine tonight, loads of hot guys, please come! Dress sexyyy

To Kristen ;) : I'm coming fo sure!! I'll be there at 7 boo x

I checked the time, 3:30pm, just enough time for me to get ready.

I went into the main bathroom and started running a bath, I have ages so i might as well rest first.


I got out of the bath and went into my room, I blow dried my hair before curling it. For makeup I done a winged liner, the dark purple/red lipstick Cameron got , blusher and mascara. Not that much, I was having a good skin day.

I went to my wardrobe and put on a green with a tint of blue lace dress from topshop and heels that were the same colour of my lips but also had the colour from my dress in it ( Pic above )

I put my phone in the case that wraps around my arm, added jewlerry before checking myself out in the mirror and taking a couple selfies. I checked the time and it was 6:45.

"Mom, can you drop me at Kristens?" I asked as I walked downstairs.

"Sure, you two going somewhere?" she asked as we walked out, Amelia followed aswell.

"Uh, just for dinner" I lied, I didn't know if her parents knew or not.


"Just pull up here" I said when we got to the end of her road, my mom nodded and I got out.

I walked up the road and my nose was attacked with the smell of alcohol and my ears attacked with music.

I walked into the house and there was already loads of people, I walked into the kitchen and found Kristen.

"Kiaraaa" She said, sluring her words.

"Hey boo" I winked whilst taking a shot, my face instantly scrunched up.

"Here, lets race, whoever finished these 5 shots first get a free drink" She said pointing to the rainbow liquids in shot glasses.

"Aren't they all free" I laughed whilst lining 5 up infront of me and her.

"Shhh" She said putting her finger up to her mouth.

" 3.....2.....1" She said, we both raced and I finished first.

"haha bitch" I said jumping up and down.

"Ugh, no fair " she said crossing her arms like a baby.

"Let's go dance" I said whilst picking up a cup full of alcohol and dragging Kristen into the large front room.

We both danced to a remix of the song 'waves'. I felt a pair of arms wrap around my waste but I didn't think anything of it.

"hey" Someone whispered in my ear, I turned to see Kian.

"Hi" I smiled, still dancing.

We stopped talking and carried on dancing. ' jiggy' by Victor Niglio came on and i started twerking on Kian.

I felt something hard rub against me causing me to laugh, I finished my drink and then lead Kian into the kitchen. I poured myself some vodka mixed with lemonade and drank it, I sat on the counter and Kian was inbetween my legs.

"Haha, our names sound the same" i giggled and tapped his nose.

"Yeah, they do" He said brushes a piece of my hair behind my head.

I looked into Kian's eyes and they made me melt, I put my hands around his neck before leaning in and attaching our lips.

the kiss was very passionate, when we pulled away I looked behind Kian to see Cameron standing in the corner, burning holes in us with his eyes.

I shrugged it off and kissed Kian again, causing me to smirk as Cameron's hands turnd into fists.

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