Chapter 10

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*Nash pov ooooo*

I walked out of the airport and called for a taxi, I'm finally back in LA!

I got into the cab and headed straight for Camerons house.

"Thanks" I said as I handed the man the money, I got out and walked to the door.

"Cameron!" I say pulling him into a hug.

"Hey bro, how are you?" He says with a half smile that I can see straight through.

"I'm good , but you, obviously not so much, tell me what's up"

"Later, I wanna have a good time now" He says smiling. I nod and follow him up to my room.

I unpack my clothes and smile at myself for doing it so quickly.

"Hey, can we go see Kiara?" I ask him, I can tell he's avoiding eye contact.

"Um, you can" He awkwardly says.

I sigh and sit on the bed next to him "Tell me everything" I say patting his knee.

*Cameron pov*

"You need to ignore Olivia, she wont do anything, plus, if she tries you'll protect her, and so will I" Nash says after I tell him everything.

I sigh and nod at his reply.

"Now lets go see Kiara, I miss her!" He says getting up and pulling my hand.

I laugh before grabbing my keys, shoes and walking out the door with Nash following me.

I get into my car and sit there as the engine loads up.

Nash gets in and I start driving.


"NASHTY!" Kiara screams as she pulls him into a hug after opening the door.

As soon as she pulls away from the hug she sees me and her smile fades.

"Um, hey Cameron?" She asks confused.

"Hi, I came with Nash" I say rubbing the back of my neck.

She nods and leads us inside. No one's home except from her because the other car's gone and I can't hear anyone, Nash and Kiara are talking and I'm just sitting here.

"Uh, I need the toilet" I say as I get up , they don't pay attention to me.

I walk up the carpeted stairs into the black and white themed washroom.

I stare at my reflection in the mirror. I have no clue how people can like this face.

I feel a stinging sensation in my hand and look down to see my knuckles bleeding again.

"Ah" I wince as I place my hand under the running luke warm water.

"You okay?" Someone asks me causing me to jump. I look at the door to see Kiara standing there.

"Um, yeah I'm fine" I say turning the tap off and drying my hand. She comes over and inspects it.

"This is really bad, what happened?" she says looking at me. "Uh, I um , fell over and stopped myself with my hand" I lie, she obviously didn't believe me.

"That is obviously not true, let me get you a bandage" she says before leaving.

About 2 minutes later she came in with a bandage and some infection spray thing.

She took my big hand in her tiny one and looked at the cuts.

She took the spray and sprayed it on my knuckles, causing me to jump back in pain.

"It's not that deep" she says laughing. " It is!" I pretend to be offended.

She cleans up the wound before wrapping it in a bandage.

"There" She says smiling .

"You're so beautiful" I accidentally say, causing me to turn bright red.

"So are you" she blurts out, causing us both to laugh.

"I mean it" I say causing her to blush.

I put my hand under her chin and pull her face closer to mine.

"I love you Kiara Roberts" I say before placing my lips on hers.

It wasn't a long kiss, it was small but with meaning.

I pull away and see her beautiful face with a smile on it.

"I knew you two would make up" Nash says standing at the door with a proud smirk on his face.

I just stand there shaking my head at him.

"Nashtyyy" Kiara moans as she hugs him.

"BAE" Nash says squeezing her.

"Nuh uh, Nash is my bae" I say jokily pushing Kiara away and hugging Nash.

"No he's mine!" She says trying to push me but failing.

"no I'm yours" I say with my bottom lip sticking out.

"No sorry Nash is my one and only bae" She says smiling before running downstairs, me chasing her.

I grab her and spin her around, before pecking her on the lips again.

"I missed you, Olivia will never come between us again" I say as I hold her.

"she better not" She smirks.

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