Chapter 26

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I looked at my menu and then at Dylan, he looked so happy with his family.

"kiara " my mom said, I looked up and the waiter was waiting for me to order. I cleared my throat.
" sorry, I'll have the chicken and fries please " I said before handing her my menu.
Once she left I looked at my mom and she glared at me.
"I need to urinate , Amelia come with " I said getting up. I heard Amelia groan before following me. We walked to the toilets and done our business before heading out.
My body collided with someone " sorry " I said rubbing my head.
" it's okay," Dylan smiled.
" we just can't stop running into eachother " I laughed, so did he.
" ugh I'm going back to mom bye " Amelia said before leaving.
" she's so rude " I joked.
" I dunno, I kinda like it, it's cute " Dylan said.
" shit the devils now cute? Since when"
" oh my gosh. Miss perfect swears? Since when?" Dylan said and I playfully hit his shoulder whilst laughing.
" ouch " I said pretending to be hurt.
" I was joking , but for real, you are perfect " I couldn't help but blush.
" um, I gotta go, my moms waiting for me" I said whilst running off.
"KRISTEN GUESS WHAT" I said as soon as she answered the FaceTime call.
" I knew you two were a perfect match" she said with a huge smile.
" I wouldn't go that far" I joked.
We talked for ages about things , until one thing ruined it.
" Cameron has been coming to my house, he misses you" Kristen sighed .
"Oh well ,he's gonna have to carry on missing me" I joked.
" I have an idea, you and Dylan, if you two go out and stuff it'll make him jealous! It's perfect " she cried.
" wouldn't I be using Dylan?"
" not if you really like him"
" I'll think about it, gotta go" I said before hanging up.
I changed into my pyjamas and fell asleep straight away.
" hey, I know you aren't meant to hand out this information but can you tell me which room Dylan Ford is staying in?" I asked the lady at the front desk.
" no, sorry"
" Please, I need to know its important "
" fine, room 365" she said.
I thanked her and ran to his room.
I stood out side thinking about what I was gonna say until I finally got the courage to knock.
" hey Kiara!" Dylan said with a smile.
" hey, get dressed! We're going to the market " I smiled
He laughed and shut the door, 5 minutes later he came out dressed.
" Lego" I said walking, he just laughed at me.
" to the market " I said to the cab driver.
This was gonna be a good day.

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