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Hi everyone!

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Hi everyone!

It's been a while since I've posted an original work here on Wattpad, I know – and don't worry, I won't keep you long now, I just wanted to post a bit of an introduction to this new book.

Lockdown on London Lane is a collection of five short stories, following a different character who's quarantined in the building for a week. There will be friendships, romance, and (hopefully) a sprinkling of comedic banter, too.

It goes without saying that none of this is to make light of the current situation. It is, for a lot of people, a pure shitshow. It's scary, and it's a weird time for so many of us. (Personally, I'm lucky that I'm able to work from home, and I'm living by myself, avoiding going out unless I need more food. I haven't actually hung out with anybody face to face in about six weeks, which is... weird.)

But everyone's gotta do what they can to get through this limbo we're in for a while, whether it's TikTok dances, rewatching Harry Potter for the billionth time, learning long division to help the kids with their homework, or, as has now become the case for me, throwing yourself into a new project.

It's also worth saying this is an adult book: rather than the Young Adult genre you're probably used to seeing from me, this book follows a bunch of twenty-somethings.

I'll be posting one short story every Tuesday, starting next week. And to tide you over until the first story, here's a little teaser of what's in store...

PART 1: Getting to Know You

Imogen likes to believe she's the kind of girl who doesn't give a damn what anybody thinks. After she's quarantined with her one-night stand, Nate, who's not altogether impressed by her attitude, maybe it's time for Imogen to re-think how she sees herself. And, maybe, spark a little romance in the process.

PART 2: The Honeymooners

Isla is totally loved-up with her new-boyfriend, Danny – but after only a month of dating, being forced to live together for a week is... a little more than she was expecting. And it turns out that in close quarters, Danny's not exactly what she was expecting, either. It's time to see if their honeymoon period can survive the ultimate test.

PART 3: The Pineapple Problem

Serena and Zach's relationship has been on the rocks for a while. She's ready to throw him out after a screaming row, but now they're stuck on lockdown for the rest of the week. While Zach's keen to sort out their differences, Serena's not so sure things can work out. Who knew finding out your boyfriend likes pineapple on pizza could ruin everything?

PART 4: Maid of Horror

Olivia is more than happy to host a weekend of wedding-planning. It's in the job description, as maid of honour! What she's less happy about, is having to host the bride and two relative strangers in her flat for an entire week... especially when the champagne stops flowing and the claws come out.

PART 5: Dear Charlotte

With the building on lockdown, Ethan's girlfriend is stuck at her parents', leaving him by himself for a week. And you know what this whole thing has made him realise? He wants to spend the rest of his life with her. Now he just has to figure out how to actually tell Charlotte that. With a week to plan the perfect proposal, what can possibly go wrong?

Anyway – that's enough from me. I'm having a lot of fun working on this book, so I hope you enjoy it, too! Let me know which story you're most looking forward to in the comments!

(PS. And if you do enjoy them, please remember to comment and vote – it really means a lot!)

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