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"Seems like time has stopped. Oh that would be my first death; I've been always afraid of."

Dahyun, Lisa and Jennie were all watching a scary movie with a clay face mask on. It was their first night in Hawaii and they decided to have a girls night after the long flight.

The girls were at the scariest scene where there'd be a jump scare. The music was intense and anticipating which made all of them dread what scene was next.

Suddenly, there was a knock at the door. The timing was so bad that all three girls screamed and flinched.

Dahyun then brushed off the popcorn crumbs off of her lap and answered the door, it was Hoseok. He instantly groaned and walked straight into the room without even saying hello.

"Okay, let yourself in I guess?" Dahyun mumbled as she closed the door.

Hoseok collapsed onto the bed with his face buried into the pillow, he looked really miserable.

All three of the girls looked at each other while mouthing words. They didn't really understand why Hoseok was acting this way, he was usually bright and happy.

"So.. what brings you to our room?" Dahyun finally asked.

Hoseok rolled over onto his back, "Jin and Namjoon told me they need their alone time."

Jennie has figured that happened, "this is what happens when you choose to be in a room with a couple, Hoseok."

"There was no way anyone else would let me room with them," Hoseok said as he took Lisa's bowl of popcorn.

"I mean.."

"Why do all of you guys hate me?" he whined.

"We don't hate you, we're all joking around. Besides, all of us can be annoying," Lisa said as she snatched her bowl back.

"Yeah I know," Hoseok sighed. "but it's make me feel like shit."

"Then we'll stop making fun of you."

"Good," Hoseok said, "anyway, I originally was going to go to Yoongi, but he's been head over heels for Jimin and I'm not trying to be a third wheel."

"Aren't you two supposed to be best friends or something?" Jennie asked.

"That's what I thought, but ever since he started dating Jimin again he forgot I existed. I miss hanging out with him," Hoseok admitted.

The girls felt some sort of remorse for Hoseok's situation. "It wouldn't hurt if you talked to him, Hoseok," Lisa told him.

"He just seems so happy with Jimin, I don't want to be a burden. It's fine, I'm just overreacting anyway," Hoseok smiled weakly.

"Hoseok, you can join our girls' night. You don't need Yoongi to be happy," Dahyun said as she made space for him to watch the movie.


After the movie ended, the three girls somehow convinced Hoseok to be their test subject. They put all kinds of makeup on him and he ended up looking like a circus act.

Hoseok looked in the mirror shocked at how awful he looked. "Wow, I look like a train wreck."

As the girls laughed at how horrifying they made him look, the door opened and in came Yoongi.

He immediately screamed at Hoseok's makeup, "what the fuck!"

"How the fuck did you even get in here, Yoongi?" Jennie asked.

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