Chapter 3.5

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So for some reason Wattpad cut out some of my story from Chapter 3 so here it is


When I finally reached the changerooms, it was empty, which left me alone to my thoughts.

That's when I started to take in on what happened. 0////////0

We were so close! I remembered his eyes, his chocolate brown eyes. And then....oh Mavis, were we about to... no just my imagination, just my imagination... we didn't almost kiss, its just in my head...

But I couldn't help it, I kept on wondering what would've happened if we kissed.

Wait a minute, Lucy stop thinking about him! Your trying to forget him for Mavis's sake!

I had to forget him! He liked someone else, I just know it. He likes Lisanna.


It was back in middle school, in our third year(grade 9) when I realized it.

I moved to Magnolia Middle half way through in my second year(grade 8) That's when I met Natsu and the rest of my friends. 

I realized I fell in love with him around Halloween².

But during my third year, just a few weeks before summer break, Natsu started acting really depressed. The same goes to Elfman and Mirajane, though Mirajane seemed to be keeping it in.

It hurt to see Natsu like that, so I asked Mira about it.

"I see, you weren't here when it happened...well I guess I'll tell you."

In the end I learned that Lisanna and Natsu had a thing going on back then, until Lisanna died in June, during a car crash when Elfman was drunk-driving. Elfman always blamed himself for it.

I didn't know Natsu has a girl he likes then, and when I found out, I was decided to try and forget about him, since he has someone he likes, and the fact that she's dead, makes it worse.

From then on, I stopped flirting with him, and decided to act as 'just friends'.

====End of flashback====

Sighing I left the changeroom.

"Natsu! Lets go!"

"Jeez you took so long."

Just friends.

¹Natsu actually has black eyes, according to the wikia, but I felt like it wouldn't go well with the flow of the story so I changed it to brown.

²In Japan school starts after spring break so I'm setting it as around March- April School ends around February- March
Note: idk exactly what month school starts in Japan.

Ehehe the chappies over.

The hardest part to write was probably the part where she smells him....what does Natsu smell like? I dunno.

Did you know that our nose chooses who we fall in love with? Hehe


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