Chapter 4: Saved

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Chapter 4: Saved

|3rd person|

On a bright sunny Friday afternoon, a young blonde girl is seen walking towards SquareBucks. Lucy opened the door and entered. Just outside, we see two men in they're 30's, suspiciously walking towards SquareBucks slowly. They also entered.


|Lucy's POV|

I entered SquareBucks and immediately saw my friend, Yukino sitting in the back. I headed towards her.



"Ah why don't you call me Lucy-chan anymore? You always did back then."

"Oh I thought I might be acting too familiar to you...we haven't seen each other in a long time."

"No no its fine!" We waited in the line to order. "To be honest I'm surprised that you still remember me!"

"How could I forget you!" exclaimed Yukino. "You saved my life back then!"

Two men entered SquareBucks. One was fat and had brown hair. The other was tall and had blue hair.

"No no your exaggerating!" we sat down again.

"Stop being modest, we both know its true."


I was 4 years old then. We were at the park, my Mom and I. I had just gotten a little boat that floated in the water and I wanted to play with it in the water fountain.

"Mommy, mommy, there it is!" I exclaimed happily. "The fountain with the mermaid!"

"Go ahead sweetie, try out your boat." my mother smiled at me.

I ran towards the fountain. It was not only deep, nut also tall so I had to stand in my tippy toes to actually see my yellow boat.

When I looked, I noticed there was another boat. It was exactly like mine, but blue.

And then I saw a girl, at the bottom of the fountain.

"Mommy mommy, look, there's a girl sleeping in the fountain!" I yelled to my mom. "I wanna play with her!"

I started climbing in.

My mom rushed over startled.

"Honey don't climb in!"

Too late. Splash! "Wake up! Wake up!"

Luckily I was tall enough to stand without drowning. I started pulling the girls arm. She had short white hair, and she was wearing a dark blue flower.

My mom arrived and helped me get the girl out.

I was too young too realize that she was in a serious condition. 

Wee-woooooo wee-woooo I could hear the ambulance sirens wailing.

'Moomy! Mommy!" I called out to my mom, "The sirens! The sirens!" I giggled and started mimicking them.

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