Chapter 14: Cake Completion, Riding To School, and Fake People

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|Natsu's POV|

(A/n we have no idea why Natsu thinks it's okay to check on Lucy in the shower)

I ran to check on Lucy. When I got up the stairs, and got to the bathroom, I saw that there was a huge sign on the door and what are they called.... those things that are kinda like fences but it's just a pole with a strip of plastic.... I have no idea what it is. Anyways on the sign it said 'Natsu don't you dare come in here or I will kill you.'

On the fence thing it said 'Keep Out Natsu' all over it.

Sting and Yukino rushed up the stairs panting.

"'t...actually gonna...check on Lucy...right?"

"Yeah I was but it seems like Lucy doesn't want that." I replied pointing at the sign.

Sting took one look and started laughing his head off. Yukino started smiling.

"Oh okay she's really prepared lol." she said.

"Natsu, do you spend a lot of time here?" asked Sting.

"Yeah of course, everyday actually."

"Do you often 'check on Lucy'?"


"Oh okay then. You don't think there's anything wrong with that?"

"No. Is there?"

"You know what whatever."

The door suddenly opened. Lucy was already dressed and she kinda just stared at us. Then she suddenly smirked.

"What's this? You missed me so much? And now your waiting for me in front of the bathroom?"

"Actually Natsu here was about to check in you in the bath." laughed Sting.

Lucy turned into a tomato and started towards me.


I saw a foot and then pitch black.

|Sting's POV|

I can't believe Natsu. Checking up on a girl in the shower? And then pretending he thinks it normal? Sigh. But what if he actually thought it was normal? That would just be sad.

We started decorating the cake, Yukino, Lucy, and I. Natsu was still upstairs. He was knocked unconscious by Lucy's kick. "Lucy Kick" though.

The decorating was going well, and the cake looked really good.

Yukino put the last strawberry on and said "Complete!"

"Shouldn't a girl say something like 'Tada!' Not complete."

"Shut up Sting."

So not cute. But I still like her. She'll never find out though, that girl.

We heard someone coming down the stairs and saw Natsu.

"What's going on?" Natsu saw the cake and his eyes widened a little.

"CAKE!" he yelled and ran towards it and ate it all.

"NATSU!" we all groaned.

|Lucy's POV|

After everyone left I made the cake again.

The next morning, I wake up and head to the bathroom to brush my teeth. While brushing them, I heard strange sounds. I checked behind me, but there was no one there. I checked behind the door, and then the bathtub. And J saw Natsu sleeping. With a blue cat might I add.

"Natsu! Wake up!" He didn't budge a inch.

I decided to just let him be and went to have breakfast.

After breakfast, I got dressed and started doing my makeup.

When I was doing my mascara, someone suddenly snuck up on me and yelled in my year.

Surprised, I screamed and jumped a little.


"Haha I scared you didn't I?"

"Don't sneak up on me like that!"

"But you were scared."

"Ugh oh whatever." I turned back to my makeup to see that I had a huge mascara streak on my face.

"Stupid Natsu!"
We ended up having to take the train to prevent being late.

"Why....Luce...why must you torture me."

"It's your fault for messing up my makeup."

I had spent a lot of time removing all my makeup and putting it on again. If we were to walk it would take too long.

Natsu just kept groaning.

My face was kinda hot since Natsu was lying in my lap. We were also getting a lot of stares. And then he barfed.
The barf didn't do much damage since we came prepared with a paper bag for Natsu.

We were in English now, and we had to write a essay on how we got to school. I wrote about Natsu barfing. He was in the infirmary now.
Today I also had a free study block with Sting.

I spent most of the time flirting with him, but he didn't seem to notice and gave off mire if a 'friends' vibe.

But what was so annoying was Minerva. That girl really changed.

"Hey Lucy. Hey Sting. What's up?"

"Mm. Nothing much." Replied Sting.

"What about you Lucy?"

"Ditto. Hey Sting, do you get this question?" I scooted my chair closer to his.

"Oh yeah you just add this, this, and this together."

"Ohhh, I get it now, thanks a bunch!"

Minerva suddenly stuck her head between Sting and I.

"Oooo are you doing math?"

We didn't bother replying.

"I'm so bad at math. What about you guys?"

"I'm good at it." said Sting.

"I'm okay, I just don't get the stuff about circles and cylinders."

"Are you guys going to Yuuki's party?" Asked Minerva.

"Yeah we are." I replied.

"So am I!"


Minerva made pointless conversation for a while.

I dun like Minerva D:<

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