Chapter 1: The Announcement

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Hello ^-^
This is my first time writing a fanfiction ;o
I'm not that all great at this yet but still I hope you enjoy this ^_^

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Chapter 1: The Announcement

|Lucy's Point Of View|

It all started with the huge announcement. We were all sitting in the gym wondering about this 'huge announcement'. I was sitting in the gym next to my friends Gray Fullbuster and Erza Scarlet. Juvia Lockster was behind me.
"Hey what do you think this announcement is about?" I asked them.
"I don't know, but I heard that we're getting cake after." Erza's eyes were sparkling. *-*
"Well I heard that Miss Hisui's gonna be here." said Gray.
"Really?! She's the mayors daughter, right?"
I could feel Juvia glaring at me behind me.
"Minna!" Makarov got everyone's attention.
"Today we have a very important person here, to give y'all a HUGE announcement!"
There we go again with this mysterious 'huge announcemrnt' =3=
"Please welcome, MISS HISUI!!"
Everyone applauded.
"Ahh Gray-sama was right!♥♥" (I think we all know who said this)
"What about the cake." Murmured Erza.
Hisui waited for everyone to quiet down.
"Fairy Tail High will be having a renovation!"
Wait what? OMG....we're having a
renovation?! Yay! Our school is actually extremely old, and small for the amount of students here.
Wait......then where will we go?
They'll be rebuilding the school...
"We will begin tearing down this school tomorrow, and you will be assigned new schools to go to, until the construction is done.


The cake was amazing. After that, we got our new temporary schools. Natsu Dragneel, my best friend, and I are going to Sabertooth High. I'm kind of nervous. I heard that there's a lot of bullies. Too bad Erza's not with us >0< She'd beat the crap out of them. But at least I'm with Natsu, he's pretty strong too.

|Natsu's POV|

We had cake today, and it was delicious! I ate only a few slices though. Well, of you ask Lucy she'll say I ate way too much. Smh -.-

But I'm really happy that we'll be going to the same school. Like dude, am I lucky or what? To be honest, I like Lucy. Like like-like. There was one point where I think that we both liked each other. Only I didn't know that I liked her. But by the time I realized that what I felt was 'love' it was too late. I don't know what happened, but she stopped blushing everytime she we had eye contact. And she started avoiding me. It was a very awkward time. But that was long ago. We're really close now. But I get the feeling that she only thinks of me as a 'friend'. Sighh.


Since we'll be going to Sabertooth, maybe she'll fall in love with me ;D Don't judge, bruhh.


End of chapter 1. Short, ik. Okay tbh idc if it wasn't that good. At least I tried :')


Thank yuh for reading c: stay tuned for next chapter


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