Chapter 23

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End of the Line




Morgan bandaged her and was cleaning up when Ana said, "He's here!"


I held her and shushed her saying, "I know. It's okay."




(Ana's POV)


We were crowded in the basement.


A tear fell from my eyes and Aiden wiped it away as he held me.


It was the least convenient time to be shot. I was probably not going to be able to fight. Or Aiden wouldn't let me.


We heard knocking on the walls of the house, the basement being pounded by the paws of the wolves.


Octavia was resting against a wall, her sword sheathed, and in full armor. 


"What are they doing?" Sarah asked.


"Yeah, why are they waiting?" Tanya asked.


"It's a battle tactic." Octavia said. "They could wait for weeks out there with supplies and we would be stuck here with nothing."


"That sucks." Kyle said.


"Where have I heard that before?" Kayla wondered.


"The Trojan War. It's called a siege." I said.


"Heh. They won't even wait. They'll just attack when it seems best for them." Chase said.


Suddenly there was a crash upstairs.


I stood up, gripping my shoulder.


"Like now?" Kate asked.


Aiden opened his eyes. 


"No matter what, don't die. Otherwise I'll kill you." He said.


Kate sighed. "You still don't make sense when it comes to friends, do you?"


"Come out, come out, where ever you are!"


I closed my eyes and thought a moment.


I gasped. "Victor!"


We heard another crash just outside the basement doors.


"Nice to see you all together." He came in, laughing. "Like a family."


"Talking about family, do you remember? A story your mother would have told you, I'm sure. If you want to know again, I'll tell it. Long ago, there was a woman, your mother. She was killed. Sort of. You see, she used up most of her powers fighting the dark wolves that betrayed her kingdom. I'd like you to know a few things about me too. I was one of them. And not only did I fight your queen, but I killed your new mother and father that were here for so long. And how am I still alive? Do you remember a man named Darian? I believe you just killed him a few weeks ago. He granted us a wonderful task. Immortality in exchange for killing in this other world that some wolves escaped to. Heh. Well, I got that immortality."




End Chapter 23.

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