Chapter 3

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Dreams and Reality


I wonder if I'll have another in life?


I had a feeling that someone was watching me. I turned around and around, but nothing showed signs of it. Nor did anyone reveal themselves.

"Show yourself!" I yelled, still spinning in every direction.

"Calm down." I turned towards the voice.

"Who are you? Why are you watching me?" I yelled to the shadows.

"I was sent by your new savior in life." The voice answered.

"How do you know? Who is it? Who are you? Show yourself!"

Then I saw a beautiful woman walk slowly into the moonlight. She had long red hair, blue eyes, and her skin was a glowing white. "My name is not allowed to enter your knowledge yet. I know because I am from the future. I am also from the past. I am, and I'm not." She replied.

"I hope you know that three-fourths of that made absolutely no sense!" I yelled. I was angry. At her, for not answering clearly, at everyone in the town for rejecting me, at everything. All my anger was swarming around me.

"Am here to answer questions, and deliver a gift from your mother."

"My... mother?" I asked. I was utterly shocked. No after death message from my mother, but she sends some message to me by a dream?

"First are answers. You are Anabelle Lyn Elizabeth George. You turn 16 this morning at two a.m. Your father was murdered at your 4th birthday, but you do not remember, because you were too young. You have been living with a Mr. Kenny ever since your mother past away when you were five."

"The anger you feel now is something I cannot explain to you. I can tell you however that the gift from your mother will be painful It is no gift of love, but a gift of age. You may not be of age in your town, but you will be of age in your mother's... uh... community... thing."

I laughed. "Community thing? You have to be kidding?"

"It is hard to explain. However I must warn you, you must run away from the town before your time of birth, or you might be killed by the villagers because of your gift.

"What time it?" I asked. Then I added, after looking around, "And where am I anyways?"

"It is almost midnight. You are in a dream." She answered so seriously I almost laughed again. But I knew not to. She wasn't kidding by the look on her face. "You must go now. Be somewhere safe before two, or you might die." Then she just disappeared.

Everything started fading. "Wait! Don't go! I want to know why! I want to know more!"

A dream, I thought. I'll wake up soon. That's why it's fading.


I woke up lying in my bed. There was a bag of stuff next to me. I unzipped it and found that all my clothes, bathroom stuff, and a huge wad of money was inside. In a plastic bag next to it, I found food, drink, and some pills for pain.

There was a note on the bag that said, "HURRY!" In big lettering.

I looked around. The clock on the wall said 11:37 pm. I had a few hours, so I wondered what the rush was. Then something clicked. She was talking about a painful present. She also said that if the towns- people found me, I'd die. So I'm guessing something is going to happen to me. Change me? I wondered.

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