"What's really going on Ana?" He asked.

The silence for the next couple of minutes became unbearable as I was trying to think of how to say it.

"The man who killed my parents, turned on Avalon's king and queen, and also killed my parents from this life wants to take one more family away from me." I said.

"Us?" He asked. "He's coming for us?" 

My eyes watered.

"He's coming for me." He said.

I nodded.

"To challenge me, kill me, and take over my pack." He said.

I nodded again. "Yes." I whispered.

"What happens to my Luna?" He asked.

"I don't know."

"And they are all here to fight." He said.


He sighed and hugged me. 

"Then good thing I put my faith in everyone around me."

I looked up at him, shocked at how he could be so calm.

"In you." He whispered, kissing me.


We walked for a long time.

"Home." I whispered when we came into a clearing with our house.

"Home." Aiden agreed.

We led the way to front. Only to find the front door knocked down.


"What happened?" Kate wondered, coming up behind us.

"I don't know." I said, my eyes wide with shock.

"Lets go check." Aiden said, wandering carefully inside.

The ten of them that we left here weren't in the house.

Everything was ransacked.

There wasn't a soul in the house.

"Where is everyone?" Sarah asked, looking scared and worried.

"Over here!" Tanya yelled, pointing to the basement.

The door was locked shut and there was a bit of blood on the floor, leading to the door.

"Hurry!" Kayla yelled.

Aiden and the guys tried knocking down the door, but couldn't.

"Back off." Octavia said, drawing her sword.

She cut the door up in a matter of seconds.

Behind the door was a huge stone slab, covering the whole opening.

"Any ideas of how to get through that?" Octavia asked.

Aia stepped forward, blasting the rock to ash.

"That works." Kate said.

We walked down the steps to the basement to find our pack.

Half of them were injured, the rest were guarding the door and trying to tend to their hurt friends.

"Aiden!" Someone yelled.

We all crowded around those who were injured, those from Avalon hanging back.

"What happened here." I asked.

"Ana! We were ambushed! By another pack!"

"That's never happened before, I'm guessing." Morgan said.

"Who are these people?" Someone asked.

"They're here to help." I said.

The twenty five of us plus the thirty of those from the Avalon.

I just realized that that probably wouldn't do much damage over someone who was King of Killing. 

That didn't matter much now though. At least we were all safe for now. 

But I knew that he would be back.

And we would have to fight.


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