Chapter 10

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Words From the Memory


I woke up screaming, jolting Aiden awake under me and most of the people in the house came in the room wondering what was going on. Breathing hard, I laid back against Aiden, who was holding me close, comforting me.

"Is this about the dream I just had?" He asked.

"Only partially." I said.


I told only a few people my story. Aiden, of course, Kate, Kyle, Sarah, and a few other of Aiden's higher-ups. I told them my whole dream, from start to finish. I excluded my second dream however. It was too disturbing. If Aiden noticed he didn't say anything.

Kyle did confirm one part, however. His great-something-grandfather had come from another place. The stories of his great-something-grandfather were passed down through the generations.

"He was a wolf like us, but he was sort of different. He would always talk about his king and queen, mumbling 'I'm sorry' half the time." Kyle said.

I nodded, taking this information in. As I listened, I saw images in my head. A wolf who had Elven in his blood. He looked a little like Kyle. He was in the last battle of Avalon, before the king and queen died. He was among those who went to the human world to "seek new adventure".

He settled down and had a family, but was never really content. A later picture came to my mind. He was at his deathbed, surrounded by loved ones. His last words were an order. "Find Adrianna." A name that was never before heard in his household, not even when he was muttering "I'm sorry." to an invisible king and queen.

"Do you know what he looked like?" I asked.

Kyle looked shocked. "No. We never had any images of anyone from that long ago."

"He looks like you." I said. "Just older, and a little different skin complexion and face formation."

He frowned, but didn't say anything.

I continued. "Did they ever tell you his last words?" I asked. I talked as if in a trance. It didn't sound like my way of talking at all.

Aiden frowned as well. "What are you talking about?" Aiden asked, the words coming out harshly.

I looked up at him and he gasped. "Anabelle?" He asked.

I could see in his eyes that he knew something was off. I turned back to Kyle, whose face turned to shock as well. "He said 'Find Adrianna.' Those were his last words."

His lips parted slightly and his eyes were questioning.

I answered the silent questions. Who is Adrianna? How do you know all of this? "Adrianna was his princess. That queen and king he was always muttering about? She was their daughter. I'm afraid that I cannot tell you how I know. I don't even know how."

My eyes started to water and I collapsed.


I opened my eyes to Aiden's face.

"Are you all right?" He asked.

"What happened to me?" I asked. I had been aware of my mouth moving, the images in my head, the shock on everyone's faces, and even another being taking over, but I still didn't know what happened to me.

"Your eyes were glazed over. You were in some sort of trance. When you started talking about some person called Adrianna, your eyes cleared and you collapsed." Kate said. "Who is Adrianna anyways?"

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