Chapter 13

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Chapters 12, 13, and 14 are dedicated to allergictoglitter because her character is entering in these chapters.




A white light glowed around the carving and the mirrored one, in front of the portal. In a flash, I went from being alone to holding my weapon of choice and facing a guardian with black and red hair.


I knew who I was facing the moment I saw her.

I had chosen correctly- the girl guardian- but I was also about to die.

Her black and red hair, tanned skin, and brown eyes weren't the only thing that gave it away. Her clothes and weapons gave it all.

It was Morgan. She was my best friend when I was Adrianna. But no matter what friendship we had, I had to win against a guardian for us to pass.

Morgan is half wolf and elf just like me, but we aren't allowed to use our elf powers or wolf claws and teeth. We had to fight with the chosen weapons. In this case; a bow and arrows and two daggers.

I hadn't fought with a bow and arrow since before I was kidnapped. And even then, I sucked at it.

I felt for the daggers at my new belt. Kicking off my sandals, I waited as the platform started to rise. Now I understood why she was unfazed by being on the wrong side. Either way it didn't matter because it was the same fighting ground every time.

I breathed slowly, trying to get rid of the butterflies in my stomach.

When the platform stopped rising, Morgan quickly drew an arrow and shot. By the time I had gotten back up from ducking, she had shot two more.

I grabbed a dagger in each hand and ran towards her, ducking an arrow and letting something else take control of me. She nimbly evaded my swings, dancing away from me each time.

I let whatever it was take full control, as my mind went back into my memories; we had the same fight before, except I was younger. I had two new daggers and she let me try them out on her. She was careful and never got caught on one of my attacks. The thing that took over my body remembered it too.

I was using the same exact swings as I had many years before. I took control again and swung where she was while swinging the dagger in my right hand to where she wasn't. She evaded the dagger in my left hand and had to jump before I cut her with my right. She balanced herself against the edge of the platform.

Shooting another arrow my way, she made her way to a safer part of the platform. I ducked to my right, only to have to go to the left again from another arrow.

I dodged another and ran towards her, using my bow to knock her bow off the platform. She easily drew two knives like my own and cut my bow from my grasp. I swiftly cut the quiver string, spilling arrows everywhere at our feet. As I used my knives to block hers, I kicked an arrow up and caught it in my right hand.

She used this as a distraction for me and almost cut my arm off, but I got away with an arrow in her shoulder and a cut in my left arm. Now she couldn't use her left arm and I could just barely move my left.

As she dropped the knife in her left hand off the platform, I went in with a center cut, but she cut back. I faked a cut to her injured arm and threw my knife into her leg. She grunted and hit my left arm where I was cut. I let out a scream of pain. I heard Aiden below, punching the ground because he couldn't do anything.

I finally knocked her in the head and kicked her to the edge of the platform, kicking away her knife and holding mine to her neck.

She grinned at me. I smiled back and helped her up. She hugged me tight whispering, "It's good to see you again, Adri.

I heard a few gasps below like they thought she would stab me in the back or something.

"Morgan." I said, grinning. "I win."

She snorted and ruffled my hair. "Yes you did."

"Hey!" I protested, knocking her hand away.

She went to her spot and I went to mine and the platform fell.

Then she went and tapped three times on the two other carvings, bringing the other guardians. Clarissa popped up growling, expecting a big fight. I was surprised to see Lendon pop up, brandishing his sword and taking a defensive pose. Morgan simply hit him as she walked past to get to Clarissa. Both the guardians were extremely confused.

"Why'd you call us?" Lendon asked, looking between Morgan and me.

"Look really hard Lendon. Maybe you'll see something you missed the first time." Morgan answered, petting Clarissa's black scales. Clarissa is a dragon. She's Morgan's best friend and isn't too fond of guys. Her black scales may not hide her very well, but her violet eyes intimidate anyone who dares to challenge her.

Lendon is an Elf warrior whose pale skin, blue eyes, and black hair are the very opposite of an elf's. He furrowed his brow as he looked around, totally missing me again. He raised his sword at the group of wolves that were with me.

Morgan sighed. She walked over to Lendon and whispered, "Today is a very sad day for you, especially if you missed what I wanted you to see."

I smiled at Morgan. Lendon was still confused, staring at the group off to the side.

"Let me handle this, Morgan." I said.

I walked over to Lendon and slapped him upside the head. I was one of only a few who were brave enough to do that to a guy carrying around a sword bigger than himself.

His eyes cleared as he looked me up and down.

"That's not possible." He whispered.

I smiled and shook my head, tapping his shoulder in a very 'I feel sorry for you.' type of way.

I looked at my group smiling, and waved them over.

They all walked over, except for Aiden who came running to hug me tightly.

Oden reappeared by the spring, smiling and nodding in approval of my accomplishment.

The only thing that was on my mind, though, was the only thought I had on this whole trip.

I get to go home.

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