Battle in the Dungeon


"Come out, come out, where ever you are!"

I closed my eyes and thought a moment.

I gasped. "Victor!"

We heard another crash just outside the basement doors.

"Nice to see you all together." He came in, laughing. "Like a family."

"Talking about family, do you remember? A story your mother would have told you, I'm sure. If you want to know again, I'll tell it. Long ago, there was a woman, your mother. She was killed. Sort of. You see, she used up most of her powers fighting the dark wolves that betrayed her kingdom. I'd like you to know a few things about me too. I was one of them. And not only did I fight your queen, but I killed your new mother and father that were here for so long. And how am I still alive? Do you remember a man named Darian? I believe you just killed him a few weeks ago. He granted us a wonderful task. Immortality in exchange for killing in this other world that some wolves escaped to. Heh. Well, I got that immortality."


"Are you mad at me Adrianna? For killing your family."

I growled.

"I killed all of yours. But apparently I missed some."

I shot a glance at Aiden with a gasp.

Victor lunged when my head was turned and I flew against the wall.

Aiden stepped in front of me. "This is our fight. Leave her out of this."

'Don't die.' I said, looking up at him, repeating his words when I fought Darian.

He didn't look back, but I saw him smile, his eyes softening.

"As long as I see you happy, I'll die for you. I love you." He said.

"Aiden!!!" I screamed. 

"I'm happy with you." I whispered.


(Aiden's POV)

Her last whisper rang out in my head as I lunged, changing. 

There was a crash as I clashed with Victor's wolf.

With full on snarling, biting, and clawing, we fought. Wolf against wolf.

I felt a strange power flowing through me.

Everything was a blur. I couldn't even see where I was moving or what I was doing.

Within minutes, I was pinned down. "Give up yet?" He growled, changing back after I did.

"Never." I growled back, punching his stomach, pushing him off of me.

He laughed. "You'll never win this fight, boy. I've fought and won more times than you've even unsheathed your claws. More times than you've even won a battle!"

I growled and lunged at him, changing back into my wolf form in midair.

This was for Ana, I told myself. For our life together, and for the life we created.

He hit me hard in the face, sending me flying across the basement. 

It seemed more like we were in a prison, being tortured by our captors. 

Victor's dungeon. 

I looked up to see Ana's face filled with a look of horror across the room. A man stood over me- Victor. A bloodied knife in his hands, covered in his own poisoned blood from his hands.

My head slumped back to the ground. A sharp pain of the knife entering my body didn't last long. And the last thing I saw, the last thing I knew I would never see again, was Victor walking away from my dying body to an injured, horrified Ana, letting out a long scream of pain.

"I'm happy with you." Her last words to me before I went into battle was ringing in my ears.


(Ana's POV)

I was filling with anger. I should have told him not to fight. No one had moved. And then I realized it was because Aiden was the only one who could get through the barrier that Victor had put up to keep the people of Avalon from getting close to him.

Victor walked towards me, the bloodied knife in his hands.

He was either coming to kill me or to take me, I didn't know which.

I backed away, but I was soon pinned against the wall. 

Kate ran in front of me, but was knocked away easily. The rest of our pack, and even those from Avalon created a barrier in front of me, but it was no use.

If only I could get to Aiden's body! I thought. Not even wondering why I was thinking that, I shrunk back against the wall. Morgan tipped her arrow with something and nodded to me.

My horrified eyes just told her to hurry up. She shot the arrow, aiming for his head. He turned, knocking it away easily, but as soon as he touched it, he was frozen. 

I scrambled towards Aiden's body, just as Octavia ran in with her sword, lopping off his head. 

Normally, I would vomit. However, my mate was dying and I wasn't looking anyways.

I slowly crawled towards him, whispering, "Please. Please. Please don't die on me. Aiden, please. Don't leave me here. Don't leave me alone."

Once I got to his side, I hesitated to touch him. Blood was everywhere. But getting over it, I turned his face, placing his head in the crook of my arm.

I lowered my head to his, kissing him one last time.

I felt a tingling, but ignored it.

"Ana?" Kate's voice whispered.

I looked up, tears in my eyes. Morgan and Octavia went to me, letting me cry in their arms.

I leaned over Aiden one last time, doing something the queen would have done to her dead husband.

I kissed his forehead and whispered, "May peace be with you."

At that moment, a single teardrop fell from my eyes, falling on Aiden's lips.


End of Chapter 24.

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