Chapter 15

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Dedication to: Reavean.


Sharaku Forest


(Aiden's POV)

I followed Ana, who walked with the guardians, who were following the dragon. My pack followed me, still fairly confused at what the dragon just said.

I was acutely aware that I was growing apart from Ana, in so many ways.

She seemed happy here, with her friends. We were mates, yes, but still, we seemed so apart. My stomach got knotted at the thought of losing Ana because I wanted her happiness.

I could tell that it was starting to rip me apart on the inside. The very thought of her leaving was going to kill me. But as long as I saw her happy, I would die for her. The love of my life, the torturer of my being, My beloved Ana. I would lie, kill, and die for her.

I stopped for a minute, trying to get rid of the headache that was coming on. Distantly I heard Kate tell Ana to stop for a second. It didn't take long for Ana to reach me, looking in my eyes to see what was wrong.

"Just a headache." I murmered through clenched teeth.

She nodded, but still held me.

She told the others to keep moving and put my arm over her shoulders. She helped me walk up the hill and said nothing. I knew that she could tell that it was more than a headache, but I didn't want to tell her what I noticed.

I watched the water as we walked. The river's strong currents were splashing against various rocks that were peeking up over the stream.

After a while of walking, my headache still not gone, we saw that the stream had turned into a small lake. There was moss everywhere, but the water was clear. We circled the small lake to the other part of the stream.

The stream that had deposited into the lake was hard to follow. It wound through trees and at one point we had to climb huge rocks, which was hard while I was holding on to Ana.

We stopped for a drink a while later, when the stream had somewhat flattened and we could sit on some logs that had green moss covering them.

The whole forest was litterally covered in green. The moss on the lake, the rocks, the forest floor, and the trees were all green.

Everything made me think Spring, but I couldn't hear birds or anything, just the simple, relaxing sounds of the river.

After that, I told Ana that I was fine, she could go talk to her friends that she hadn't seen in centuries. I saw the worry in her eyes, but she left anyways, heading back up to the guardians.

Kate walked beside me, knowing what was wrong, but didn't say anything. Kate knew things by looking at people's body language or faces. The solemn look on my face probably told her that something was wrong.

She didn't say anything, just kept walking alongside me in case I needed help again. I watched Ana with solemn eyes. I had promised that I would get her home, but at that time, I didn't know the consequences.

I was probably going to lose her, now that she was home. I couldn't stay, my pack was back home. And it was up to her whether or not she wanted to stay. I couldn't force her. And I knew for a fact that her real mother hadn't married her mate.

What if Ana wanted to stay?

It wasn't up to me. If she wanted to stay, she had every right to. This would be her better choice anyways. She had beautiful forests, a castle for goodness sakes! And she had friends here.

Her best friends.

I hated the fact that I couldn't just stop thinking for a moment so I could breathe, but no matter what I did to keep my mind off of it, the thought just kept coming back.

What if I lose Ana? What will I do then?

The forest around me, alive with silence, the rushing of the river, the whispers of the trees.

Stop doubting yourself, Aiden. I thought to myself. You just have to take it one step at a time, and see what happens.

That's right. Push away doubt, push away sorrows, push away sadness. Be strong in life.

"Aiden." Kate's voice cut through my thoughts, silencing them at last.

"Huh? Oh. What is it Kate?" I asked.

"Look." She said pointing.

Up ahead, the forest fell away, revealing a meadow. My eyes followed the river, that wound through farmlands, cutting through a great wall. Avalon.

We were almost there.

A sharp pain hit my chest, my mind going back to my ramblings on the way through the forest.



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