Chapter 22

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The twenty five of us plus the thirty of those from the Avalon.

I just realized that that probably wouldn't do much damage over someone who was King of Killing. 

That didn't matter much now though. At least we were all safe for now. 

But I knew that he would be back.

And we would have to fight.


It was a hot summer evening. I was in the hospital, my stomach swollen like a melon.

Aiden was there. He wasn't the only one. My whole pack was there, their smiling faces shining down on me. 

A rush of pain ran through me and I screamed.

Aiden's grip on my hand tightened.

"Hang in there Ana." He said.

I felt my eyes start to close just as the last rush of pain stopped.

A thin line of cries echoed. 

Aiden was smiling down at me, but suddenly he looked up.

My eyes closed, my ears hearing one last ring before my heart stopped.


I opened my eyes with a yelp, sitting up in bed.

Aiden was there, his face hovering over me, so much like the dream I had.

"What's wrong?" He asked.

Ever since we came back I wasn't able to sleep very well. I don't think Aiden slept at all.

He smiled, his hand resting on my stomach.

It's been weeks since that night, and my stomach had already started growing bigger.

Kate's been making fun of my appetite, but I'm just glad she can still joke around.

"Just a bad dream." I said. "What time is it?"

"Just before dawn." He answered. Kissing my forehead he said, "Try to sleep, Ana."

I didn't fall asleep, but I did stay in bed and rest.

Aiden stared at me, while my eyes were closed and I pretended to be asleep. He moved a strand of hair away from my eyes.

I could feel his hand clench and he moved closer, hugging me, tears daring to fall from his eyes.

I cuddled up to him, making him smile. 


(Aiden's POV)

Her beautiful ocean eyes were filling with tears as she slept. It was probably a worse dream than all the ones before.

We lay there for a while, until my wolf sensed something.

Slowly, trying my best not to wake her, I got up and moved towards the window.

To my misfortune, she sat up again. "Aiden?" Her sweet voice asked.

I signaled her for silence. Something was outside.

I looked around. The trees were whispering in the darkness. I crouched below the windowsill and peered around. 

There, in the midst of the bushes and trees, were numerous glints of light. Wolf eyes.

My eyes widened as I realized that we were surrounded. 

Something swished between the treetops. Within a second, the window was cracked.

Another arrow followed. 'Ana! Get down!' I yelled through our link.

She did, but my warning came a moment too late.

The window crumbled, little pieces of glass getting all over me.

"Ana!" I yelled. When she screamed in pain.

If I said anything a moment later, that arrow would have pierced her heart. As she fell to the bed, her shoulder replaced where her chest was.

Blood was gushing from her shoulder. Picking her up carefully, I made for the door, shouting a warning through the link and waking everyone up.

"I'm sorry." She whispered.

"It's not your fault. It's mine. Don't worry Ana, we'll get you fixed up." I said.

Within minutes, everyone was in the basement, with two guards posted beside the doors. All of the cabin was locked down. The windows were covered and the doors were locked and furniture was put in front of them.

Kate came up beside me as I put Ana on a blanket.

Morgan came up to. "Here." She said, gently nudging me to Ana's other side.

"Hold her." She said and started to get to work.

Someone brought bandages to her as she snapped the feathers off and pulled the arrow out.

She cleaned the wound, during which Ana passed out.

Morgan bandaged her and was cleaning up when Ana said, "He's here!"

I held her and shushed her saying, "I know. It's okay."


End of Ch 22.

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